Chapter 6: Complications

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Zero's POV

I practically dragged Ivory to the infirmary as soon as we got the news that Maya had woken up. I accidentally slammed the door open in my excitement, startling her from her bed on the side of the room.

"Well damn, I'm not dying." She chuckled.

"Sorry about that." I replied sheepishly. "How are you feeling?"

She frowned. "What am I in for?"

"Two fractured ribs, three bullet wounds, and a concussion." Ivory huffed. "Your Ghost told us what happened. It sounded crazy."

"Crazier than it probably sounded." Maya grinned. "There was a Warlock that could fly."

"Yeah, your concussion is pretty bad, so..." I chuckled as Maya flung something at me.

"Shut up." She groaned, sticking her tongue at me.

I caught the oxygen mask and turned it around in my hands. "Were you supposed to be wearing this?"


I scoffed and tossed it back at her. "What you did was reckless. You had us worried."

"Sure, sure." She sighed. "When do I get to leave, anyways?"

"They said you could go home tomorrow, but you can't work with us for at least a few weeks." Ivory said.

"Weeks?" She exclaimed.

"Your ribs are going to need some time to heal." I replied. "Hurts to breathe, doesn't it?"

"Damn it." She grumbled frustratedly. "Why can't someone just shoot me and have my Ghost bring me back. It saves the hassle, doesn't it."

"You know that's not allowed." I reminded her. "It's inhumane. You have to recover like every other normal human, unfortunately." I grinned playfully.

"Whatever." She scoffed. "I'm exhausted."

"We can imagine. You slept for nearly twenty hours!" Ivory exclaimed.

"Let's make it the whole twenty four." She grinned.

"We'll come back for you later then." I said before planting a small kiss on her forehead. "Get some rest."

She nodded and lay back down as Ivory and I left the room.

"Keeping her inside for the next few weeks is going to be... interesting." Ivory chuckled anxiously.

"I don't even want to think about that right now." I groaned loudly.

She laughed. "Anyways, it's my turn to go scout out for resources, so I guess I'll be on my way."

"You'll be going by yourself this time..."

"I can take care of myself." She smiled before giving me a quick kiss. "I'll see you later." And with that, she was off.

I sighed and started to make my way out as well when I heard voices from Maya's room:

"...tell them everything, did you?" It was Maya's voice.

There was a short moment of silence before I heard her Ghost reply: "No." There was a sigh of relief before it quickly added: "But only because you're already going to be taking a break."

I leaned in closer to the door to listen to the conversation.

"Thanks anyways." Maya sighed. "But hey, I proved that I could still work, sick or not." Sick?

"Yeah, you did a fantastic job. And look where you are now." Her Ghost replied sarcastically.

"You're always going to be looking for excuses to keep me from working, aren't you?"

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