Chapter Four : Good Boys and Dick Prints

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Chapter Four : Good Boys and Dick Prints

(Bryson In Media)

Makayla Lowery

Travis stood there staring a whole in me as I approached. I mean mugged him for the simple fact that I'm not Shawn. Don't look at me like you got a problem.

I groaned displeased by me having to stand by him. He hasn't said a word, just looking off in to the crowd as people crossed and moved back and forth infront of us.

"Where Shawn?" he finally spoke. He sounds angry.

"Boy, not on my fucking hip."I respond rolling my eyes. I was actually wondering the same thing. He needs to come get his boyfriend.. Or his ex, or whatever you wanna call him.

"Can you save the attitude and just," he sighed, I guess realizing how strong his tone was, "tell me where he at. We need to talk about something." he said turning his body to look at me, his face was full of sadness. I felt bad but I wanna be nosey. Shawn hasn't told me a thing about what happened between him and Travis but Im sure it was bad enough to make him start fucking with Damon again, which Im still not sure why he's here.

"I don't know where he ran off to. I went to talk to someone, I come back and he's gone." I say simply, shrugging my shoulders.

"You think he in his dorm?" he asked.

"Shit, probably. I don't know."


Shawn Kents

"Call me when you make it back." I said to Damon, rubbing his shoulders as he held me woth his arms wrapped around me.

"Okaayyy Shawn, I will call you." he chuckled, sounding annoyed. Probably 'cause this is the 4th time I've reminded him since we started walking back to his car.

"Just be careful."

"I will." he said simply, resting his forehead on mines as my hands did the same on his chest. This is the first moment of actual peace I've had in awhile. I wanna savor it, I know it wont last very long.

"So before I go," he broke the silence, "I wanna know something."

"Wassup?" I looked up at him.

"Why you and Travis break up?" he asked looking me in my eyes. I really don't feel like doing this whole "Travis" thing with Damon. It might be closure for him but it's old news to me.

"He liked to put on facades for people. Let's leave it at that." I rolled my eyes.

"Aight, I guess I can take that," he said lightly pushing me back by my waist and kissing me, " I'll be back tomorrow. We can get something to eat or something."

"Alright." I said as he opened the car door, turned the ignition and pulled off.

I thought about walking back to the homecoming party but I didn't feel like it. I texted Kay and told her I'd be in my dorm if she needed me.


I made it to my floor checking my phone. I'm honestly suprised my mom has yet to call me to see how I'm settling in to this college life. Even though I haven't settled at all.

I look up to see nobody but Travis in the hallway, sitting on the floor by my door with his head down and his hands covering his head. I rolled my eyes and unlocked my door as he got up, leaving it open for him to follow.

I threw my key on my desk and plopped down on my bed. Still on my phone. He slowly closed the door in silence, and sat at the end of my bed with his head down, clasping his hands together.

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