Chapter 1: Hello Highschool

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"My name is Samuel Parker." the boy in front of me said. "I'm new here," he said then sat down.

"Well well, clumsy Sammie," I whispered with a smirk on my face.

He turned around quickly and glared. Then eventually it was my turn. I stood up.

"Hi I'm Vincent Carter and well I'm gay," I said and sat down.

All eyes were on me. Whispering, giggling and gasping. I found Samuel staring at me.

"What?" I said.

"Your gay?" he said with his face turning slightly red.

"Yeah why, problem?" I said with one eyebrow up.

"No," he said making my eyes widen a bit. "I don't mind just wondering," he said turning away.

A smile found its way on my face. After the introductions, the teacher paired us up with our biology partner for the whole year for any partner activity.

"Samuel and Vincent." the teacher said.

I smirked and poked Samuel in the back of his neck with my pen. "What?" he said aggravated after I poked him a few times.

I smiled at him innocently. "We're partners," I said.

"Yeah I know," he said turning away.

"You're supposed to be excited," I said poking his neck again.

He turned around and took my pen. He smirked when I glared at him.

"Why you gotta be so rude." I started to sing.

He rolled his eyes and groaned. I smiled when he gave me my pen back.

"You can't sing," he said.

"Everyone can sing," I said.

"Then you sing like a dying cat," he said.

"You love it," I said sticking my tongue out. "Shorty," I said smiling.

"That's rude." he pouted.

"Ah, I hit a nerve I see," I said amused. "Also I'll be calling you Sammie for now on," I said smirking.

"Why?" he asked.

"I like it. It fits you." I said.

"Whatever," he said rolling his eyes.

The bell rung. I got my stuff and found Sammie waiting for me.

"Why are you not gone?" I said.

"I thought we could I-" he started to say.

"Get out my class." the teacher said.

"Rude," I said as we walked to the door and left.

"Well I have English," he said.

"Well let's go," I said.

"Huh?" he said looking up at me.

"I have that class too," I said and walked off to the class with him following.

When we walked into the classroom I saw the hot boy from earlier.

"Hey," he said nodding his head when he noticed me.

I smiled big. "Hey," I said walking towards him.

Sammie looked confused but followed.

"I never got your name," I said.

"Mason," he said smiling.

"Mason," I repeated smiling.

Sammie looked at him then me. Mason noticed him and waved. Sammie hid behind me.

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