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des·per·ate » /desp(ə)rət/
[adj] feeling, showing, or involving a hopeless sense that a situation is so bad as to be impossible to deal with

Gemma Townsend is a genius. Self-proclaimed, of course, but no one has ever tried to argue otherwise. Everyone knows she happens to be almost unbelievably brilliant. Her specialty? Computers. There isn't a single device or website that she can't hack into. It's a skill she's always used for good, of course; removing embarrassing photos of her friends before they have a chance to spread too far, helping people recover passwords they can't remember, and - on occasion - getting the answers to a Calculus exam. It's all too easy.

That is, until her computer is wiped of everything but a cryptic message left by a stranger going by the name of Vigilante. Something Gemma doesn't realize she's done has gotten the attention of all the wrong people. Another problem for her to solve, this one more critical than any other she's ever dealt with.

Unfortunately, it seems her answers aren't going to come easy, with the mysterious Aaron Marc just around every corner, and the brooding Cam Brooks right behind every closed door. It's clear that Gemma is in over her head, and if she isn't careful, she could drown in it all.

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