3 - Like Father, Like Daughter

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"Is it a vigilante thing?" Dad questioned me.

I shook my head, keeping my voice in check. Why did he have to be this way? Why couldn't he just understand I needed to be Bombshell? "It's a work thing, actually. You know, my actual job."

Dad just stared at me. "Will that Oliver be there?"

I had told dad all about Oliver Queen, my boss and my friend. He didn't Ollie, he didn't know the man that every single woman swooned over. I nodded my head, knowing all too well what he was playing at right now. "Yes, it's a work thing. He's my boss. Of course, he'll be there."

He nodded sourly, dropping his graze. "Did you hear about Robert Queen in the news?"

I knew where this was going. "Dad, just drop it, okay?"

He shoved his hands in his pockets, giving me a pathetic shrug. "Okay. Have fun, kiddo."

My heart tugged in my chest, the burn in my fingertips roaring to life. His pet name for me always made me feel guilty when we were arguing. "I love you, dad."  I told him from the doorway.

"I love you, too."


"I can't wear this," I hissed across at Ruby. She had dolled me up, curling my hair and doing my makeup. She was pretty good at it since she'd been playing with makeup ever since she could dance. She had dressed me in a super tight red dress that landed just above my knees, with a low scoop that showed far too much of my chest. I was shaking my head.

Ruby shrugged. "Why not? You look hot."

Douglas was standing in the doorway, listening to the whole conversation. "Uh, Rubes this is a fancy charity auction, not a strip club in The Glades."

Ruby's eyesight landed on her boyfriend, giving him a sour look. "What would you know? You thought I looked nice in aqua coloured tutu last year."

Douglas grinned. "You did look nice."

I glanced back at them, stepping in to stop the fight that was about to break out. Ruby had a temper, one she was very proud of and Douglas liked to wind her up. "Guys, this is about me...remember?"

Ruby gave a little huff, turning back to me as she pulled out a purple floor length dress from her closet. She eyed the dress, fully knowing I loved that dress. She lifted it across towards me, very slowly. "You know how much this dress means to me."

I honestly did know. This dress was the dress she had brought two years ago when she had gotten into the academy. This was the dress she planned she would wear on the first opening night of her first soloist performance. She'd had it for two long years, sitting in that dark closet gathering dust and just waiting for that night. I took hold of the dress, running the thin material through my hands. "You sure?"

Ruby gave a nod, nibbling at her bottom lip. "Don't you dare spill a thing on it. Don't rip it and don't you dare tell a soul how much it cost...or I'll kill you myself. Got it?"

I gave her a big fat grin. "Yes, ma'am. Don't worry, tonight will be pleasantly perfect."

"I will worry though," Ruby replied hastily, eyeing the dress still. "I won't stop worrying until I have that back in that damn closet nice and clean without a tear in it."

Douglas came into the room, sitting down next to Ruby on the bed. He leaned forward, his hand grazing her waist. "That was very kind of you, Rubes."

Ruby sighed loudly, leaning towards him with his touch. "I know, I'm going soft."

Douglas let out a little chuckle before kissing her on the cheek and pulling her into a warm embrace. I watched them in the mirror, seeing the way he looked at her made me smile. It was the way my father used to look at my mother. I got into the dress, making sure not to tear the very thin material. When I came out of the bathroom, Ruby and Douglas were quiet. "What?" I asked, twirling back to the mirror.

"Take it off," Ruby demanded. "You look far too good it in."

I grinned across at her. "I'll take that as a compliment."

Douglas took Ruby's hand and kissed it sweetly before his eyes found mine in the mirror. "You look lovely, Violet. Oliver will love it."

I rolled my eyes at him. Clearly Ruby was rubbing off on him. "Oliver is just a friend." I hissed quietly, running my hands down the dress and smoothly out the material.

Ruby was now smirking. "Hmm, yeah okay. Whatever you say, Violet."

I turned back to the mirror, making sure everything was in place for tonight. The week had gone fast but I had done it effortlessly. Everything was set for the charity auction tonight. Nothing was going to go wrong, not on my watch.

Too bad everything went wrong and I mean everything. Tonight wouldn't just be a failure but it would change my life, forever.


Okay, there is chapter three. I think I promised that the auction would be this chapter and Roy would come into this chapter but I lied. Sorry! I realised I needed a bit with her dad and then needed it to line up with TFATC, so next chapter is going to be the BIG one! Get ready for it. Please don't forget to comment and vote!

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