Road trips & Escapse Plans

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"Get the fuck out Moore!!!" Kai's screamed from the other side of the door.

"N-nooo" I manage to scream back

Oh Boy am I dead.

Kai peters is going to kill me.

Only of I hadn't tried to escape but no I just had to go on and try my plan out. After this escaping wouldn't even be an option because I would be dead!

"Katie I swear if your not out in 10 seconds I will come in" Kai threatens

I know I had to come out sooner or later besides the gas station bathroom did not smell so great.



I looked around the bathroom to see if I could escape somehow. There was nothing in this bathroom but a sink and a toilet. The ac went was way to small to fit into. I can't believe I actually thought of trying that.


Honestly I think the fumes of this bathroom were killing my brain cells.



Now you must be wondering how I got into this situation... Well it all started when we left the hotel-

"1" and with that, the bathroom door came down and came in one furious badboy.

6 hours earlier

"Can you walk any slower" Kai comments

"Yes actually, wanna see" I snark back

Kai stops dead in his tracks and glares at me.

"What did you just say" he growls

Now I regret ever even speaking

"Nothing" Quickly I say

"Thought so" he turns around and starts walking again

I can't believe I'm stuck with this douchebag. He barely lets me talk and I can't eat properly and he takes every chance he can get to insult me.

Only if I could just strangle him to death so I wouldn't have to look at his stupid beautiful face.

Even though he kidnapped me I can't help but think that Kai is gorgeous but his bad attitude is total turn down. I personally think his attitude makes him 90% less attractive.

What hell how I did I manage to walk in to a wall. I look up and notice it isn't a wall I walked into but it's Kai's back... Rock hard back!

"Why'd you stop walking" I mutter

"Well kit-Kat if you had been paying attention you'd noticed that we reached my car" he says


I look up and notice that we indeed reached the car. His hot freaking car. How the hell does Kai peters have a black and red Lamborghini.

I guess Kai noticed my shock because the next thing he says is

"You can close you mouth, I don't want you drooling all over my baby"

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