Chapter 9ine ~ DING DONG DITCH!!!

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*Wynter's POV*

We snuck up on the third house of the night. Scarlet had rung the first doorbell and that went well. We easily got away and were able to hide behind a car as we watched a man walk around cussing as he tried to find us. He never did. When we went back inside we all fell to the ground laughing our asses off! Scarlet's mascara had run since she cried from laughing so hard which made me so glad I hadn't worn any.

Eleanor had been the second one to ring a doorbell and that one did not go as well as the first. But to me is was a hell of a lot funnier! When Eleanor rang the doorbell and we began to run for another car, she had figured it would be a good idea to trip Aqua and that's exactly what she did. Being the best of friends, El, Scarlet and I just kept running and left her there. By the time she'd recovered and stood up a boy about nineteen had come outside and spotted her he grinned and fist pumped before running after her. Damn he was fast! But Aqua was faster, Thank god.

I started laughing even harder than the first time and watched as she ran for her life. I high- fived El. After about fifteen minutes, the boy had suddenly given up since he was too tired and walked back into his house. Before he had gone though, he yelled,

"That was fun!" Aqua collapsed beside me and was taking breathes so deep a stranger would've thought she'd been having an asthma attack!

"," she glared at El and Eleanor looked genuinely scared, which made me laugh even harder! I swear I was about to die! I was rolling on the ground clutching my sore stomach with no noise coming from me because I was laughing so hard.

"Please... please tell me... you guys... got that on video!" I asked as I tried catching my breath. My face was beat red; I was sure of it.

"Of course l did!" Scarlet exclaimed. "I got everything from when Lauren started running to when you quit laughing like a mental kid." She
laughed a little bit at the memory. I finally stood up from my place on the ground.

"El, I officially adore you!" I said.

"Awhhh!" she squealed acting five years old. She came over and jumped in my arms, kissing my cheek.

"AIDS!" I shouted and let go of her to wipe at my cheek, making her fall. Thank god I was able to contain myself from laughing super hard again and only let outa small chuckle.

"Your turn, Wyn," Aqua said as she grabbed my wrist.

Now here we are creeping up on my house. Aqua had decided to wait behind a car since her legs hurt from sprinting for fifteen minutes straight. I was now in front of the door. "I swear to God, if either one of you trip me while I'm running you will wake up with all of your hair shaved off and I promise that you won't want to look in a mirror ever again when your faces end up destroyed. Got it?" I said sternly without looking at them.

"Yes sir," Scarlet mumbled.

"Eleanor, are you deaf? I said got it so what do you say?!" I asked.

"Fine..." she pouted. Smiling satisfactorily, I hovered my finger over the doorbell, pressed it, and took off running. I felt adrenaline coursing through my veins as my legs carried me towards the car. I suddenly heard a door opening over the wind in my ears and dived behind the car, rolling to ease my impact.

"Like a ninja!" I whisper-yelled with a cheesy grin. We all heard a feminine voice slurring words and shouting. Crap. We got a drunk. We all held are breath and didn't move as we waited for her to go back inside. When she "Let's get outta here in case she comes back out!" The rest of them nodded quickly and we scrambled to our feet almost tripping over each other as we ran down the street.

When we were a few blocks away I sang "Your turn Aqua-boo!" She grumbled and nodded slowly. We all crept to the door, rang the doorbell, and ran without any problems. We were getting a little worn out so we decided to head back. When we walked in the door I checked my phone and realized it was already 4 a.m.! We really know how to pass the time!

I ran into the garage and grabbed an energy drink for each of us and handed them out when I got back. "Movie time! We are watching scary movies to make sure we don't sleep," I said.

"Ohhh, l'll pick it out!" Aqua said. I started chugging my drink as she walked over to the movie pile and shuffled through the different movies and then popped one onto the DVD player. I plopped down between Scarlet and Eleanor and hugged my pillow to my chest. When I realized she had put in a murder movie.

(A/N: super lazy and didn't feel like trying to remember the name of one.)

I covered my face with my hands as I peeked through my fingers.

El laughed and l looked at her while keeping my hands on my face. "Are you already scared?" she asked. I nodded. "The movie has barely started!" I stuck my tongue out at her and reluctantly pulled my hands away from my face.

*About 2 1/2 hours later*

My hands were covering my face as the movie ended. I hadn't lasted more than fifteen minutes without them over my face. We had all been scared and it was kind of funny. Aqua would squeak like a mouse when she got scared, Scarlet would hit either me or Aqua since we were sitting beside her, EI would just scream like a normal person, and I would cuss like a sailor. And of course Scarlet had gotten Aqua, El, and my reaction on video at some point during the movie. No worries; we'd all gotten a video of her, too!

"l'm not going to sleep, that's for sure," Aqua said as she sat there staring at a black screen clutching a pillow to her chest.

"C'mon we need to distract ourselves before we pee or something!" Eleanor said as she jumped off the couch.

"Lets give each other a design on our faces!" Scarlet suggested. "Like we could use make-up to design animals."

"l'm up for it!" El said. Aqua agreed and so did I.

(A/N: I'm getting kinda bored writing this section and I really wanna move to the next chappie so ima just be lazy and describe of how they turned out since the damn links won't work)

Wynter's Face:
She has butterfly wings around her eyes which s e diffrent shades of blue and the body of the butterfly is on her nose.

Aqua's Face:
On the right side of her face are diffrebt coloured dolphins.

El's Face:
A frog :p

Scarlet's Face:
A cat.

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