Jim Henson and Chill

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You sit in Sans lap, him giving you comments on your cute-ness every couple of minutes.

 "Cuter than Cute." He sighs, blushing again. 

You stick your tongue out and smile, him returning it.

"So......." You say slowly.

"So?" Sans chuckles.

"What do you wanna do?" You ask, looking up at him, cross-eyed.

"Let's talk about our feelings." Sans says, with a serious face.

You two stare at eachother and burst out laughing.

"Shut-up doofus, let's just watch a movie or something." You say, giggling.

He stands up and grabs your hand, opening the door to his room. You walk downstairs and he opens a random cabinet, it being filled with bones, magazines and movies.

"Nobody can prove i have skeletons in my closet." Sans chuckles, winking.

You smile and look through the disks.

"What this?" You ask, pulling out a vibrant case, with the words 'Boku No Pico' on it.

Sans's eyes widen and he snatches it from your hands, hiding it in his rib cage.

"That's nothing." He says, looking away.

"You watch gay hentai?!" You gasp.

"This is Alphys's, don't even go assuming shit." Sans mumbles, looking away blushing.

"Mhm." You snicker.

"Great, now everyone reading this stupid fan-fiction thinks i watch gay hentai." Sans groans.

You giggle and pull out a movie.

"How about this?" You smile.

He looks at it.

"Dark Crystal? Isn't this a Jim Henson film?" He says, reading aloud.

You nod. He shrugs and grabs your hand again, walking upstairs into his room. He closes the door behind him and locks it. You look around the room.

"No TV." You shrug.

"Surprised the author actually remembered my room didn't have a television. But she did remember my room has a desk." Sans points.

He pulls a laptop out of the droor and sets it up on the bed. He opens another droor and pulls out a mini-projector.

"Neat huh?" He grins.

You nod. You looked down at the the movie and then at Sans.

"Hey Sans?" You smirk.

He glances at you.

"Are you ready to Jim Henson and Chill?" You smile, winking.

His eyes widen and his cheeks turn blue. You hold up two fingers and stick your tongue between them.

"You nasty little human." He growls, walking over to you.

You bite your lip, trying your best not to smile. He back you up into a wall, your back hitting hit slightly. His eyes glow blue and he slams his hand agaist the wall, pinning you.

"I would be honored to." He whispers seductively into your ear, sending a shiver down your spine.

You look up at him and blush, biting your lip harder. He sticks his luminescent tongue out, his white teeth grazing on it's surface. You whimper, your cheeks red. He puts his tongue back in his mouth and with his free hand lifts your chin, so you stares deeply into his glowing eyes.

 You felt.......wierd

He glances down at your lips, you biting them again. 

This was it

This was it....

 He winks and turns around, walking back to the computer, like nothing had happened. He left you against the wall, eyes wide, flustered. You stand there for awhile, flabbergasted. 

How could he do that to you?

How did he make you feel like that?

"That totally turned me on." You say, out of breath.

He chuckles. 

"That was my intention." He says, plugging the computer into the wall.

You sigh and sit on the bed, laying down and staring at the ceiling while Sans tried to hookup the computer to the projector. You slowly close your eyes, sighing. You waited there, relaxed and calm, and almost twenty minutes passed. You felt weight on either sides of you and you slowly open your eyes.

"Heya cutie~ ready to start the movie?" Sans grins, his body hovering above yours.

"Yes." You nod.

He nods and gets off from atop of you, laying beside you. He turns the projector to the roof and the movie begins playing on the ceiling above. You sneak under Sans's arm and cuddle against his side, watching the movie that was playing.

And, once again, you two fell asleep in eachothers embrace.

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