Chapter 3

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Mark's P.O.V

I hear the bus engine hiss as it stops at its stop outside my house. The next thing I hear is someone yelling.
"What the hell?..." I asked myself as if it up and walked to the door. The opens with a click and I look at who was making the ruckus. My eyes widen in shock as looked at the small, petite, skinny jean, band tshirt  wearing, green haired Irishman.
"Jack?" I ask after a few moments of staring. He looks up from what looked like a small puddle and smiles warmly.
"Hey Marki." My body instinctively ran towards him and wrapped my arms around his small waist, hugging him tight. He hugged back with the same amount of strength as I did. You can pretty much say we were holding onto each other for dear life.

"Jack, why are you- why are you here?" I ask, trying my best to hold my tears back as much as possible.
"I wanted to see ye!" He yelled happily as he ruffled my pink hair.
"Ho-how long are you staying for?"
"Two er three weeks, er whenever ye get tired of me!" He smiled.
"I'm never going to get tired of you, Jack."
"I don't know laddie, a lot a people do!" I love how he's almost always happy.

"Well, I don't. Let's get your stuff inside and unpacked. Then let's play something or watch some movies." I said as I took the heaviest of his suitcases. He put his hand on mine that was in the suitcase.
"Ye don't haff to take that one." I smiled.
"But I'm gonna!" I said happily.
"Ok Markimoo!" He smiled back.

A/N: Hey guys! I'm so sorry if these seem so short! 😩😖 I don't mean for them to be! When you're writing something, it seems like it's a ton more than what you actually wrote! My gosh! 😆

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