Chapter 58

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Considering she couldn't exactly count on her vision to clarity if she was correct. There was no doubt she was correct as the presence of the stranger moved closer, spitefully laughing in the background. Harper held her breath as she heard the footsteps stop before her. Harper was incredibly nervous specially that her support had to come from her auditory sense without being to see what was happening. It was at that distinct point, she jumped in sudden shock as she felt hands begin to tug on the mask that concealed her vision into temporary darkness. Her pupils dilated at the instant light that fed fourth. Her mouth became further perished as her initial response previously was correct. Sam. The familiar scarred face. Those dangerous eyes penetrated through to her own, the slight glint of hunger wearily to her own shock. Harper didn't even realise she was holding her breath until the ends of his lips curled.

"Harper. How have you been?" Sam asked, licking the bottom of his lip as he gradually leaned in that he was incredibly too close for her liking. Harper took no hesitation as she spat in his face with little energy she had remaining. Sam clawed into laughter as he stood up straight, retrieving a hankie-chief from his worn out jeans' pocket to then wipe his face. Amusement was no longer on his face and in instance he grabbed her chin with one hand squeezing harsh that she would be sure, that redness pricked on the surface of her skin.

"B***h." He snarled, the resemblance to a captive animal. Amusement fled back to his lips as he added. "Human saliva. Pleasant. You were never one to be dirty. What happened Harper? Finally found your voice?"

Harper said nothing and only sighed inside with relief as he let go of her chin. Sam shoved the hankie-chief back into his pocket then returning his gaze back to Harper as he said. "I've gathered you've missed me."

Harper couldn't bite back the words that attacked with aggression, "F**k you! You assh*le!" She lunged her shoulders forward only the restrictions held her back.

Sam laughed darkly. "Don't even bother. Shed pity on yourself. Sit tight."

"What and wait for Dani to come? She will never go back to you!" Harper yelled, instantly regretting her choice of words as his frame ultimately changed that he towered above her.

"Dani will." He growled through gritted teeth. "I have changed for the better."

"Great first impression to kidnap her friend." Harper snorted, resisting the urge to roll her eyes. The mood instantly shifted as the impact of his hand met her cheek. Harper gritted her teeth at the sensation that sprung onto her cheek. Little did she know the next swing that came to her face causing her to cry out in agony that tears prickled in her eyes.

"That's right, b***h. Cry." Sam growled as he grabbed handful of her hair and forced her to look at him as he added. "Dani belongs to me. You thought you could escape me. You filled Dani's mind with hatred on me. Never again." Harper could still feel the sensation prickling on the surface of the skin as she swallowed the added pain of her hair being pulled.

"Y-You." She swallowed. "You...were on a restraining order. H-How-

"I had help. Following the emotional wreck of a man that came to visit me. Oh." He sucked in air between his air then added smirking in delight. "He wanted sweet revenge revolving around a particular woman. Or should I just"

Harper closed her eyes in disbelief.

"I was particularly rather upset that Dani never responded once to my letters in that small cell where once I did have companion, unfortunately he was promoted elsewhere. I guess it was because I had my hands around his neck in anger." He said, then gradually looked down,sighing as he continued. "Turns out the guards were throwing each letter out, letters I bled my heart out to. So of course when I got out despite my lack of knowledge on your whereabouts. I never gave up. Little help came along and it made it a lot easier. I found you. I found Dani. I sent letters to Dani. And...well here I am." He then flashed a smile before returning to pull on Harper's hair harder. "So when I say, I know Dani will come. She'll f**king come."

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