Louis: “Are you sure you wanna wear that?” He asks you. You look down at your skirt and lower cut top. You were going to a club and you thought you’d dress a bit differently. I mean, you didn’t have the greatest chest, you were a bit flat, but you though it looked good… “I guess not.” You whisper and head up the stairs. You wipe away some tears as you throw your PJs on. You go downstairs. “Louis, I think I’ll just stay home.” He looks at you shocked. “But you were so excited to go!” You shrug. “Love, what’s wrong?” You just shake your head, afraid if you say anything, tears will fall. “Baby, please.” He begs. You sigh, allowing tears to fall. “Louis, you made me feel really bad about myself.” He blinks a few times. “I-I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to. Clubs are full are creeps and I didn’t want you to get hurt.” You nod, still a bit hurt. “How about we stay home? You can model that outfit for me, and me only.” He whispers in your ear.

Niall: “That’s a lot of food there.” Niall laughs. You look and he’s right. You had the plate full. “I guess you’re right.” You set the plate on the table. “I know you’ll want seconds so you can have this one.” You go to the kitchen and grab a few veggies, completely skipping the meat and potatoes. You go back to the table and pick at the veggies. Were you too fat? Is that why Niall said something? “C’mon babe! Eat!” Niall says, mouth full of food. “I’d rather not.” “Why?” He asks, frowning. “I want to look nice. Girls who eat like that don’t look nice.” He’s silent for a moment. “Is this because of what I said?” You shrug. “I didn’t mean it in a bad way. It’s just… Most girls won’t eat like that. I love that you do.” You can’t help but smile. You grab your plate from before and dig in.

Harry: You had tried something new with your hair today for your date with Harry. “What do you think?” You say coming downstairs. “If you like it, then it’s fine.” Your jaw drops. “What is that supposed to mean?” He shrugs. “Whatever.” You go upstairs and brush it out, throwing it into a ponytail. Harry comes upstairs. “Ready to go?” You shake your head. “I’m not feeling well.” “You seemed fine before.” You scoff. “That was before you made me feel like shit about myself!” He just stares at you for a moment, taking a deep breath. “Love… I really didn’t mean it in the way you think-” You scoff, cutting him off. “No really! I just meant that I don’t care what you do with your hair. It’s not something that i find important. I’m really sorry.” You shrug. “I still don’t want to go out.” He nods, “Can we just watch a film?” He asks and you nod.

Liam: “Love! Come on out! No one here cares what you look like.” You finally come out of the bathroom after changing into your bikini. “See? It’s fine. Those girls over there are a bit chubby too.” You heart breaks. You grab Liam’s sweater and throw it on before heading back to the hotel. Hours later, Liam walks in. “(Y/N), why the hell did you leave? The paps were there and now they think something happened!” “Something did happen Liam!” You yell. “Oh really? What?” “You called me fat! And it hurt my feelings!” You let the tears slide down. He opens his mouth and then closes it. “I… I did say that didn’t I?” He sits and puts his head in his hands. “Sweetie, you’re not fat, you aren’t. I just… I said it completely wrong. I meant to say that some girls who aren’t as good looking as you aren’t afraid to be in bikinis so you shouldn’t either.” Your heart melts but you’re still extremely upset. “I don’t care Liam. You said what you said.” He nods. “I hope you can forgive me someday.” And with that he leaves. You wake up the next morning to find a bouquet of flowers and the card says, I love you and all your little things.

Zayn: “It looks fine.” Zayn says, shrugging. You’d just shed the last of your baby weight so you went shopping. “Only fine?” You whisper. He shrugs again. “Maybe I shouldn’t have bought it.” You say running upstairs. The dress was pink and black, perfect for a wedding you were going to next month. You take the dress off and crawl into bed. You refused to cry. “(Y/N), she’s crying.” Zayn says, referring to your daughter. “Do something about it then.” You hiss. “What’s wrong?” Zayn asks. You roll your eyes at him. “You know what Zayn? I actually thought that dress looked good on me. I finally lost the weight from the baby and I thought I looked good.” “You do look good! You look great, no matter how much you weigh! The dress shouldn’t matter. It’s you!” He says. You blink a few times, realizing he’s right. “I didn’t mean to make you feel bad.” He murmurs, brushing hair out of your face. You kiss him gently. “Your daughter needs you.” You smile.

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