Niall- He spends his sick days curled up wherever you are, not that you mind. The two of you spend every day on the couch, him laying his head in your lap, while you play with his hair that you love oh so much. You’ll casually lean down every so often to lightly place a kiss on his forehead so you can check his temperature. Before you lean up, you’ll brush your lips over his, making sure to do it quick enough so he can’t protest with the usual “Babe, I don’t want you to get sick too” which always makes you smile because honestly, you just don’t care if you get sick you could never go a day without kissing him. So you tell him the same “I won’t get sick” with a sweet smile playing across your face which makes him smile back. Even though he knows that soon enough you’ll be the one on the couch with your head in his lap because you always get sick after him but just like you, he doesn’t mind at all because he loves to be the prince charming that gets to come to the rescue and take care of his damsel in distress.

Harry- If there’s one word to describe harry when he’s sick, it’s stubborn. He refuses to accept he’s sick for the longest time, always trying to do things for himself, most of the time failing miserably. So you do what you always do and take over for him which makes him feel helpless so he’ll go lay down in bed and pout until you come in and lay down behind him. You put your elbow on the pillow, and lay your face in the palm of your hand, with your body pressed against his, smiling down at him while your other hand softly pushes the curls out of his face and then runs the rest of the way through them while he fights his eyes to stay open. You always know when his eyes are about to give because he’ll lightly whisper “I’m so lucky I have you” and then he’ll try to cover his yawn in the pillow but you always notice. Soon after you hear his heavy snores fill the room because of his stuffy nose which makes you giggle a bit. You stay up long enough to admire how adorable he is, even when he has a red nose and puffy eyes before you wrap your arm around his waist and nuzzle into his back, slowly drifting off to sleep with him.

Liam- If you think normal puppy dog Liam is hard to look at, try sick Liam. You stay up with him throughout the night just to make sure he’s okay. He hates how you do this but you just can’t help yourself, you have to do all you can to make him get better. He’ll usually wake up around 1 or 2 in the morning coughing his head off but refusing to take medicine claiming it’ll pass but it never does, so you slowly trudge your way to the cabinet in the bathroom to get medicine out for him. He always says the same thing “Go to bed babe, I’ll be fine” but you never listen “No, Liam just take this. It’ll make you feel better I swear” you retaliate “Fine but only if it’s not the nighttime stuff, that knocks me out and I won’t be able to spend as much time with you tomorrow because I’ll be so drugged up” he’ll say and you silently smirk because you always give him the nighttime medicine so he’ll sleep better and he still hasn’t caught on, must be his sickness. After he takes his medicine you curl back up into the bed together. Knowing how much he loves it when you lay your head on his chest and hug him as tight as you can, you’ll do just that, even though it’s hard to sleep because of the sounds that take place in his poor lungs. In a matter of minutes he’s knocked out and you can finally sleep the rest of the night in peace. You’d be lying if you said you didn’t like taking care of your teddy bear of a boyfriend.

Louis- When Lou is sick his sassy meter sky rockets and you can’t help but find it hilarious. He’s always claiming “He never gets sick so this must just be a one day thing” but it never is. You spend every day he’s sick trying your hardest to help him do things but he simply just won’t let you. “No, I’m fine let me do it” are his favorite words for the week which makes you stop and smile at him because let’s face it you just couldn’t get mad at him over his attitude, he’s sick, that wouldn’t be fair. So you just reply with “Alright sassy boy don’t get your knickers in a twist” which makes him throw his box of tissues at you, only hitting you light enough to gently brush your shoulder which only makes you giggle. This is when it get interesting, he’ll dramatically go to the bed and fall to one side and pout hoping you’ll feel bad for him, which you do, but you won’t show it. You silently leave the room and when he looks up and doesn’t see you anymore he pouts even harder.  You return minutes later with a hot cup of tea in your hand meant just for him, going over and sitting behind him then placing a hand on his shoulder to make him roll over so he’s facing you. When he sees the tea he’ll smile and repeat “I’m sorry, I’m so sassy” until he earns a smile from your lips. When he finishes his tea you two cuddle up together, eventually falling asleep in each other’s arms.

Zayn- Zayn is pretty normal when he’s sick. He loves to spend the day in bed with you by his side at all times, either watching movies or listening to music. He’s never too picky about anything because he hates that you have to take care of him because of his illness but you really don’t mind and you tell him that often but he doesn’t believe you. “If you need anything just tell me babe and I’ll go get it for you” you’ll tell him while lying on his chest. “I’m good babe, I don’t need anything” he’ll say but you know he’s lying so the two of you don’t have to get up.  You sit up and smile “let me make you something to eat, maybe some soup or something to help with your throat”. “No really babe I’m fine” “Zayn you haven’t eaten all day, just let me do this for you. Please” you give him a puppy pout that Liam taught you until he agrees. You scurry to the kitchen and whip it up as fast as you can then return to find Zayn fast asleep, snoring loudly. You give a soft giggle and lay the soup on the bedside table before joining him in bed, resting your head against his chest again and wrapping his arms around you, while you do the same to him. He’ll usually wake up for a spilt second just to hold you tighter and mumble something before he’s back out again. You lay there listening to his heart beat until you drift off to sleep as well.

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