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loosing beast

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author's note

I've been skimming around wattpad and I've noticed there have been quite a few retellings of cinderella. But I was inspired to write this when I found that there was no story's about beauty and the beast which I happen to love a whole lot more than cindy. Bear in mind that this is my debut, so tips to write more are welcome, oh and I really enjoy getting constructive criticism. So yeah let's get started.


The room with the rose, an iconic and beautiful place. I'm no longer forbidden to visit it in the west wing. So I make sure to visit it often. To simply look and remind myself how much beast has changed since his transformation just a few months ago. the room that held the rose was now jammed full of other things, like photo albums me and beast have filled countless times with photos of me, chip and all our servants. One of our happiest photos was the one where we were all messing around in the snow.

Beast made me call them servants, but I felt they were friends. After all they were the ones that first welcomed me into the beast's mansion, when he wouldn't even look at me. but now he does, he's begining to get softer on them. Which is a welcome change, I'd been told by chip that the beast scared him. I had replied solemnly "He scared me too, but I knew he had a good heart inside of him somewhere" this was true, but I never thought I'd have to dig so far down to find it.  Deep in thought, my hand grabbed for the doornob and twisted. I was just about to  step into the westwing when a great crash came from the library, so wheeling on my heels I rushed through the doors and slid down the banisters landing deftly outside the double doors, I knocked but barged in anyway. When I opened the doors I was horrified, books were strewn all over the floor, and beast was lying in the middle of it all. Mrs potts would be furious about this, she has to clean everything up. My inards churned with worry for beast, and my heart just broke when I realised that one of the books that was on the floor was the one I'd first used to teach beast how to read again.

Oh the memories, the sadness washed over me when I looked at the book.

Kneeling down next to him I asked, "Beast, what happened here?" this made him splutter and his face reddened. Quickly he got up and I saw exactly what had happened.  His leg, already greatly bruised now had a sharp shard of glass sticking out of it. beast's face was contorted into a pained smile, but mine was a face full of hate. "Who did this?" I asked, my mind rolling with questions. But I already half guessed the answer. "THAT BITCH WHO GAVE ME THE ROSE!" he yelled, and even though he had long since become human he still retained a sort of ferociousness in his voice. After patting him on the head and kissing him on the cheek he gave a faint smile. I giggled but as soon as I had stopped he crouched over in pain and started screaming. my hands instantly caressed his face, I stared into his eyes into saw a glint of hope in his eyes, followed by a solitary teardrop. I found myself crying too. "Please, stop crying" I moaned quietly, into his ears. My heart been faster and faster at the thought of loosing him. "Help! Take the glass out now!!!" Beast screamed clutching at his leg, the tears still constantly dripping from his chissled chin. i found more than once that my hands enjoyed wiping his face free of tears. I don't know why, I just seemed to find comfort in stroking his face. So I knew he was there. 

Even so, I felt him slipping away. The more he screamed and yowled the more hope I had lost. I tried to pull the shard out of his leg but whenever I tried Beast just kicked me and yowled even more. Then suddenly, to our suprise we heard the door slam outside. Beast got up and shielded me with his still hulking frame, and growled a visious "Come in" to whatever was behind the door. 

with a creak, a small familiar looking woman was slumped over in the doorway. "Why did you do this to me? I was gonna pay you!" Beast roared, and the woman laughed, "I never wanted the money... I wanted you dead!" The anger poured out of beast like hot tar, and in a flurry of teeth, claws and walking sticks he knocked the woman to the floor. He was about to finish her off when suddenly a flash of light blared in the fireplace and beast was being consumed in flames. coughing and spluttering he finally said, "Leave me, leave this house, don't put yourself in any more danger!" "Bu-but!" I spluttered too, "Just go" Beast wheezed seeming weaker and weaker all the time. But I couldn't leave him, we've been together for so long I couldn't just go and leave him to die. so we sat in the library and laughed, together till the end. and with a kiss it was over. He was gone, and so was I

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