Remebered Past

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Chapter 6

I gazed around the blood splattered room and knew I was dreaming but I was unable to step outside myself and be an observer. I was going to have to relive that moment again. I closed my eyes and breathed in the sickly sweet scent of blood and resigned myself. When I opened my eyes the past rushed up to greet me and the future became a distant memory.


I looked on at Chako's handy work with disgust, I did not understand how he could take pride in such savagery nor did I know how he could stand the stench. I wrinkled my nose hating the smell of decaying blood, piss and fecal matter, stomach juices and so much more thrown together in the mix. I could smell it all and I was trying hard not to. It wouldn't be a problem soon though, I knew if I stayed much longer my nose would be useless.

I left the living area, moved past the kitchen and quickly up the stairs. I could teleport or vanish from the human plane as Tez called it but I wasn't used to it yet. If I had to be honest I don't think I'd ever be used to it. Just like I'd never quite get used to being small...I tripped up the stairs not used to shorter legs, cursing softly I pushed to my feet. I hated humans and now Chako had me acting like one. If it weren't for Lucifer's promise he'd be a dead demon.

I wiped cooling blood on ragged jeans wrinkling my nose again as I continued on searching for any sign of life. I stopped at the end of the hall about to turn back having found nothing,when the sound of a whimper drew my attention. I turned instantly nostrils flaring as I laid eyes on a door hidden among the shadows, Tez gazed at me out of that darkness. I walked forward slowly, the little demon vanished.

I opened the door and felt my hearts freeze in my chest. I stepped into a nursery the walls once full of imaginery life were now splattered with blood, the crib was over turned, bloody cotton littered the floor torn from the bodies of innocent teddy bears. The only sound in the room was the light twinkling of wind chimes by the window still moving in the wake of such destruction.

I moved into the room and found no sign of a baby. I knew it was dead, likely eaten by Chako's minions. I shook my head, to destroy such innocence...there it was again. I turned slowly moving towards the over turned crib in the corner. I gripped a leg and pulled it easily aside. My eyes widdened as a little body bolted for the door. I took a few steps and grabbed the youngling by the nape lifting it into the air as I turnes it to face me.

It whimpered again one eye was closed blood obscuring that side of its face from an open wound. The other eye gazed at me full of fear and hate. "How did you survive?" I asked aloud not expecting an answer unsuprised when I didn't get one. I looked at the bloodied eye and decided that it could be saved not by human means of course. I wrapped my arm around the younglings torso drawing it closer as I leaned forward opening my mouth purposely to an inhuman degree before reaching out with my forked tongue. It screamed of course the smell of fear sweet and yet so sour at the back of my throat, filled the air. I chuckled, a rumble sounding in my chest frightening the youngling more. It squirmed beating and scratching at me to no avail I pressed my tongue to it's cheek licking away the blood feeling at the wound humming as if I enjoyed the taste while my insides squirmed, human blood was disgusting.

It screamed horribly when I licked roughly along the wound over and over until eventually it couldn't simply whimpering pathetically as it hung limply in my arms. I pulled away, though the wound was open no blood fell, I knew it would heal. I hefted the youngling over my shoulder before exiting the room I tracing a trail of flames along the walls as I went. I left out the back door.

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