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"This is horrible." Freya laughed. "I've killed  a lot of people, but I've never been on a real date."

"What do you mean by a "real date"?" Steve asked.

"On my previous "dates", my date would be dead by now."

Suddenly, Steve went very pale and set his coffee down.

"Oh god, I'm not going to poison you." She gasped. "Besides, we should get going, New York traffic is always horrible."

Freya finished off the last of her tea and threw the cup away before pulling on her leather jacket and getting on the back of Steve's motorcycle. They sped towards Central Park where Thor and Loki would be departing. Manhattan itself was still recovering from the attack. Some of the walls were covered in graffiti of the Avengers faces or trademarks. The area was surrounded by agents, but the two passed with ease. Loki was unloaded from a large truck, his hands and mouth bound.

"What, you're not going to miss him?" Freya smirked at Steve.

"Certainly not." He chuckled. "Let's say goodbye to the others."

Freya smiled as she walked over to Bruce and Tony.

"Later, science bros," She hugged Bruce and shook Tony's hand. "Don't blow up too many things."

"Well, there goes my summer plans." Tony threw his hands in the air in defeat.

"Thanks Del- Freya," Bruce smiled. "Keep in touch."

"Will do."

She walked over to Steve, Thor and Loki. "Make sure this gets what it deserves."

"Of course, Lady Birch, he will be served proper justice." Thor boomed and embraced her in a rib crushing hug. "Hopefully, I will visit again, but under different circumstances."

They stepped back and watched them go back to Asgard. Freya smiled and felt Steve's arm move around her shoulder.

"You thinking about taking Fury up on his job offer?" He asked.

"Still thinking, I've got a reputation to uphold, ya know."

"Yeah, in the League of Assassins?" Steve chuckled. "I'll be by the motorcycle."

Freya sauntered over to Clint and Natasha, who were standing near a SHIELD issued car.

"Can you bring her by on Tuesday?" She asked.

"Tuesday works." Clint replied.

Freya had gotten a job teaching dance at a studio near SHIELD's new HQ. It would be her cover job in case something happened.

Natasha held out a Manila folder. "You don't have to take it, but you'd be a good asset."

"Thanks, take care."

"You too."

Freya walked back over and kissed Steve's cheek. "Where to next?"

"I hear D.C.'s nice this time of year." He smiled.

"Perfect, let's go"

The sequel is going to be called activate, I plan to get it up as soon as possible.
I love y'all and thanks for reading


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