Chapter IX- Killing Me Softly

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I've been trying to act casual with the guys since Sam said that he talked with Dean, but all they've been doing is glaring at each other. When Dean isn't glaring at Sam, he's glaring at me.

I really wish i would've taken my own car instead of riding with them. So, I sit in the back while Sam glared at the side of Dean's face, and Dean gave me dirty looks in the rear view mirror.

We pull up in front of the crime scene and sit for a minute. Dean gripped the steering wheel tightly, and stared straight while Sam looked out the window.

"Guys... We're here." I say and grab the door handle. I wait a few minutes for an answer,

"Layla, wait outside the car for a minute, please." Sam asks, but doesn't turn to look at me. I nod and slowly get out of the car, slightly worried that they might kill each other if I leave them alone. This was so unprofessional. Not that being a supernatural hunter was a 'professional' job.

I cross my arms and lean against the car, which Dean probably won't like. I can hear murmuring, but couldn't make out what they were saying. I tap my foot and look around. I wanted to knock on the window, but I wasn't going to. I walk around to the trunk on the car and open it. I pick up an unfamiliar looking gun and looked down its barrel.

"Don't touch that." I hear Dean say and look up. I hadn't even heard him get out of the car.

"Where's Sam?" I ask and put the gun down.

"Still in the car." He says softly and leans in front of me to pick up the gun I'd just put down. He puts the strap attached to it over his head and adjusted it so that the gun's behind his back.

"Are you guys alright?" I ask, trying to step out of his way.

"Better than ever." He says sarcastically and starts walking to the yellow tape. I follow closely.

"Alright. As long as it doesn't interfere." I mumble and Dean stops and turns to me, almost making me run into him.

"Don't worry about us. Worry about yourself." He says harshly. "Here," He says and thrusts a metal rod in my hands, "take this, I don't trust you with a gun yet." He says and I hold the thing in my hands. I scoff rudely at him, but he doesn't notice. I look down at the thin piece of metal I was holding.

"What'll this do?" I ask. Dean leaned underneath the tape and kept walking to the garage.

"It's iron." He say and my mouth formed an "O" shape. Ghost's were kinda allergic to iron. Bobby described it to me as something like that. I didn't pay much attention on this subject, how much damage could a ghost do?

I follow Dean into the house, where he leads us into the first room.

"You know they'd just adopted a kid." I say, and he turns to me.

"Where's the kid?" He asks and I shrug. A flashbulb goes off in my head.

"The kid!" I exclaim and he gives me a weird look.

"Yeah..." He asks and I smile, nearly jumping.

"What if it wasn't a human kid, but a monster... Like a changeling!" I say and Dean drops his jaw.

"Shit, Princess. You might be right." He says and I smile, happy I'd finally gotten it.

"I guess these things won't do us any good." He says, looking at the metal in both of our hands.

We hear a noise coming from the front, and Dean quickly pulls the gun he had resting on his back into his arms. Sam comes around the corner.

"Damn it, Sam." Dean says and Sam looks confused. Suddenly, something jumps on Sam's back. Sam falls backwards, and I catch sight of the face of a small child. I see a mirror hanging on the wall, remembering that the only way to see their true form is through a reflection.

The thing has a circular mouth which shows rows of teeth leading into a black pit. The eyes are hollow, and the skin was pale and shiny. That has to be a changeling.

"Layla, grab this!" Dean says, throwing a gun at me.

"How do we kill it?" I ask, and Dean stares at me with wide eyes.

"The only way is to burn the mother." He says, running forward to help Sam wrestle the little monster. I run forward too, although I'm not sure what exactly would help.

"Here, grab her legs." Dean says, holding its arms. Sam runs to the corner, grabbing a toy chest and dumping it out. He pulls it over as I grab the little monsters kicking feet.

Together we all stuff her inside the large box, and shut it closed. Dean, Sam and I sit on it, hoping this will keep her in for now. I can tell that she's strong just from the beating.

"What now?" I ask, and Sam and Dean breath deeply.

"We need to shut her in here, then find the mama changeling." Sam says, laughing sarcastically. Tonight was going to be the longest night ever.

"If there was a mother changeling in this town, it would probably be here." Dean says as we pull up to the opening of a large sewer.

"Lovely," I say sarcastically and Sam turns to me.

"Yeah, not gonna be fun." He says and I shrug. I was a little excited actually, even with the sewer thing. I hop out of the car, and Dean puts a finger over his lips to make sure I keep quiet. I pout at him, knowing what to do already. This is exactly what I meant by being babied.

"Alright, you've got all of the stuff?" Dean asks Sam, who nods. I was glad to see that the tension between them had melted. Hopefully the kiss was long forgotten by now. Sam pulled out a few matches, lighters, and a large torch. Dean nods and leads the way, holding up a flashlight.

After a few minutes of footsteps, Sam starts to notice a few things.

"See this?" He tells me, pointing to the walls. He shows me a blood stain. "I think this means she's marking her territory." He says and I shudder. This changeling has hold of a little kid, I was going to murder this bitch.

From that moment on we make sure to hurry. Who knows the state of the child by now? We have to make sure that everything is ok. From the look of the two mothers, it's been well over a week.

"We're here." Dean says, pointing into a small cave like place. There is the little girl in the corner, looking pale and weak. Her shirt is stained with blood.

"Oh my God," I say, tearing up. I can't believe this. I get up and quickly run to her, making sure the coast is clear first. Dean and Sam both yell under their breath for me to be careful. I let my hands hover over her, not wanting to wake the poor thing. Suddenly there's a sharp whip through the air, and my back is slashed. I scream out in pain, and Sam and Dean yell.

There's a loud screech, and I turn to see the mother changeling. She's hideous, and looks like something out of a nightmare. I hold up a gun, and point it straight at her. I pull the trigger, but it barely stops her from trying to reach her food source. I see Sam get out a match as Dean throws gasoline on the creature. The mother changeling is advancing again, but turns when she feels the splash of liquid Dean had thrown. Sam lights the match, and throws it on the monster. The tiny space is lite with flames and the screams of the burning thing. I take the little girl in my arms, and as quickly as possible run out of the sewer with Dean and Sam in tail.

When we finally make it to the hospital, we wait around until we're told that the little girl is going to be alright. We all let out a sigh of relief, and go back happily to our motel rooms.

I walk into my room after saying goodnight and stop in the doorway. My room's completely trashed. My clothes have been thrown around and everything looked like it had been opened and turned upside down. I quickly run upstairs to the boys room and knock on their door. It takes them a few seconds to answer, and I pull Sam out of his room, Dean quickly following.

"Layla, what's wrong?" Sam asks nervously and I just run faster.

"Someone was in my room and they were looking for something," I say and show them my room. They look around in shock.

"What could they have been looking for?" Dean asks and I shrug. But then it hits me, and I run over to my bag to check.

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