06; the city that never sleeps

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Delia didn't know what the giant, turtle-like creatures were called but they were viscous. She stood on top of one, attempting to take it down but it wasn't working.

"Fun Fact, water has no affect at all on these guys." Delia said sarcastically.

She then used branches to begin pulling out the insides of the creature. What she didn't predict was what to do after. She was too close to the ground to start flying so she braced herself for the impact. Instead, arms went around her neck and under her legs and a shield came in front of their faces, protecting them from a blast.

"Thanks." Delia breathed as Steve set her back on the pavement.

"Hey, you wanna go out some time?" Steve asked.

"I don't think this is really the time, but sure." She snapped an aliens arm from its body.

Delia suddenly felt very weak, like something was about to happen. "A nuke."

"What?" Steve asked confused.

"We have a nuke coming in, and fast." Delia said, growing weaker by the second.

"That's insane," Romanoff scoffed.

"She's right." Tony said. "We've got less than a minute until the place blows."

"Look I can close the portal." Natasha replied.

"Just-a-second." Tony said and flew up the portal and let go of the bomb.

Delia could barely keep her eyes open, she knew she was getting weaker as this wasn't the first time.

"Delia? Delia what's going on?" Steve asked as the Chitauri had just fallen.

"It's the radiation, I'll be okay, don't worry about me." She was almost whispering.

For Delia, it was a nightmare. Her body seethed with fiery pain with every breath. She could just barely make out words but the radiation was moving too fast through her body and then, it all went black.

She woke up in a room with glass walls but there was nothing outside of the walls except darkness. A woman stepped out, her blonde hair was curled in fine tendrils and she wore a baby blue dress.

"Mum." Delia gasped.

"My sweet Freya." Her mother walked up to the glass. "What've you gotten yourself into?"

"I don't know mum, I miss you."

"I miss you too darling, but you cannot stay."

"Why? I don't think I'd be of much use down there."

"But you will be, just see."

"What-" Freya was cut off by something like a move playing.

It was Delia, she was with Natasha and Steve in Washington D.C. They were fighting something, or someone. She watched herself put a shield around the surrounding buildings.

"You just saved thousands of people, they need you." Her mum said.

"Wait, this shows the future?" Delia asked.

"Yes, and I must show you one last thing before you go."

It was director Fury, he was in a dark apartment.

"The wife kicked me out." He said to Steve and Delia but showed something different on the phone screen.

"That's too bad." Delia replied. "You can stay here."

Suddenly, a bullet came through the window and hit Fury dead in the chest. Steve ran out of the window to chase down whoever hit Fury but Delia stayed behind.

"Remember you cannot tell anyone about this, now call agent Hill and then 911" Fury demanded as Delia poured fake blood on him.

"Operation Sock-Hop is a go." Delia said to Agent Hill and then called 911.

"So I have to help Fury fake his death?"

"Precisely." Her mother said. "Tell Natasha the truth when you get back, she'll want to hear it."

"I love you mum."

"I love you too." And then everything stopped.

Steve and Natasha sat next to Delia, they hadn't moved her yet, they didn't want to. Natasha had checked her pulse to find nothing, yet Steve still held her hand. Clint came back with a white sheet.

"I'm sorry Nat, she's gone." He said and began to place the sheet over the lifeless girl.

"Steve, she's gone." Romanoff shook his shoulder.

"Just a minute," He replied and the two left him alone.

"What the bloody hell is going on?!" Delia sat up, knocking the sheet off.

"Oh my god." Steve engulfed Delia in a hug. "You're alive."

"I wasn't aware I was dead." Delia said.

"I was right!" Natasha yelled and hurried over. "I knew it was you, Freya."

"Nat, I am so sorry, so sorry." Delia said as she hugged her friend.

"Why is she calling you Freya?" Steve asked.

"Well," Delia took a deep breath. "that's my real name. It's a long story."

"Tell it over shawarma." Clint said.

"What's shawarma?" She asked.

"No idea." Steve wrapped his arm around her waist and they walked into the restaurant.


"You know, shawarma isn't half bad" Freya laughed as they entered Starks tower.

"Half bad? It was amazing." Natasha replied. "Hold on a sec." She ran over to Hawkeye who was on the phone.

"I've known Romanoff for a long time and I've never seen her so happy." Nick Fury walked over to her.

"Director Fury, I have some news." Freya said solemnly. "In two years, you are going to be shot in Steve Rogers apartment. Something is going to happen and you'll come to us for help but on that night, wear a bullet proof vest, got it?"

"I'm going to trust you know what you're talking about, thank you agent Birch." Fury said. "Oh, MI6 is on the phone, they want to know how you skipped their radar."

"Tell them to take a message, I've got bigger priorities ." Freya smirked. "Be safe, Director."

"Will do, Agent Birch." Fury left to go talk to the others.

"What was that about?" Nat was sauntering over.

"Something with MI6, no biggie."

"Do you still dance?" The red head asked.

"A bit, why?"

"Clint's daughter-"

"Wait, you and Clint have a kid?" Freya cut her off.

"No! Oh my god no." Natasha gasped. "Clint and Laura's daughter, Lila, wants ballet lessons and since I don't dance anymore..."

"I'll do it," The blonde beamed.

"Great, and you can't tell anyone, Clint wants to keep them safe."

"I can do that." The two girls began walking up to where everyone else was talking to Fury.

"What was that about Barton and I having a kid?" Nat asked and Freya ran up the stairs to avoid getting interrogated.

THATS THE LAST CHAPTER OMG. The epilogue will be up soon but this'll have to do for now.


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