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WWYD if You and Lucas was having sex and he said another bitch name?

WWYD if Lucas didnt claim yall child?

WWYD if you and Lucas were going out & he broke up with you because his fans didnt like you ?

WWYD if you went to a new school and Lucas tried to bully you ?

WWYD if you caught your crush
(Lucas) and your best friend in action?

WWYD if Lucas treated you the way he did in 'Pretty Again'?

WWYD if you found out Lucas does not act the way he does in imagines and he's a complete ass hole ?

WWYD if Lucas threw all your make up inna toilet & cut up all your favorite shirts because he thought you were cheating but youre not ?

WWYD if you and Lucas went out and didnt claim you in school , because he didnt wanna ruin his reputation ?

WWYD if you had the BIGGEST crush on Lucas and one day he walks up to you in the hall , he says " my mans want you " & he points to Will ?

You just got home from work , you head up the stairs , & you hear Lucas say "Babe come here". You walk until your in the middle of the steps and you hear a voice that sounds exactly like Lucas say " Dont Go I heard it too ". You freeze in fear. Your phone buzzed and its a text from Lucas that says "I'm gonna be home late tonight babe , love you" You hear footsteps walking towards you coming from both directions... WWYD ?



Can yall follow me & get me to 900?
My goal is 1k. But first 900 please.

Comment more wwyd questions for more wwyd's. These was asss

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