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"looks like i'm sitting alone at lunch today." i placed my tray on the table. the usually mystery slob that is suppose to be for pigs but i guess lunch ladies can't tell the difference.

"looks who is a lonely maggot today. looks like kassie finally decided to ditch you for her hunk of a boyfriend." a group of girls giggled. meghan trill, the queen bee, the beta, the most annoying thing of my pet peeve list.

"looks like hicks decided to drop her sidekick." she added on. i looked towards kassie who stared at me but quickly glazed anyway. 

"do you have something better to do like a make out session with 3 guys or something." i scolded. she gasped, putting her pink, perfectly filed nails in front of her mouth. geez, what a manicure! who is her nail person?

"listen mckay."

"listen trill." i snorted.

"let's just get straight to the point." she took a seat in front of me, slamming her hands down. wth, i could literally kick her to the ground right now.

"obviously you have a thing for my poo bear." she fluttered her eyelashes. poo bear? who came up with that? i gave her a repulsive look.

"don't you like have 3,000 of them." i chuckled lightly. did i ever mention she's the school's go-to girl, not in a good way. well she is. she gasped again. are you having a hard time breathing?  you sound like you're dying over there. i hope ...

"i'm talking about ha-"

"mckay, you seem kind of lonely.....and annoyed." he looked over to meghan. i turned around.

"hey hayes." i smiled. why am i smiling?

"hayes!" the tick jumped up and almost fell as she ran over to him. she battered her lashes, i could literally feel wind. her eyes where so big probably even bigger than her brain which is nonexistent.

"hey.." he awkwardly replied as he sat next to me. personal space please well i kind of like it, i mean scoot. meghan's jaw dropped, my jaw dropped, it was a surprise to all humanity, the world's jaw dropped. she was fuming, she kind of looked like a tomato dressed in all pink.

"mind if i sit?" he glanced over at me, flashing a smile. no, this is not okay! abort, abort!

"sure." i nervously smiled. what am i doing?

"cool." he smiled again then took a bit out of his roll. i took a spoonful of my slob which wasn't so bad.

meghan coughed, bringing the attention back on her. "your party is tonight, right hayes?" she flustered as knowing she was in defeat. "yep, maya are you coming?"

i choked on my the bits. "huh?" i covered my mouth. "excuse me?"

"the party, are you coming?" he questioned again. i hesitated. he placed his hand on mine, his thumb circled my skin, he looked me with his brown, mesmerizing eyes. "i really hope you can make it." i looked down at our hands. my cheeks flushed red as i bit down on the corner of my lip nervously.

"ummm, ye-yeah, for sure." i stuttered. his worried look turned into a happy one. his smile came for the third time. strike-three you're falling for him. alert, alert, mad woman on loose who is potentially in love.

"great, bring anyone you want." he informed. considering i know practically no one then that shouldn't be a problem. another cough interrupted the moment. thank you because chunks were going to fly.

"i'm still here ya know!" meghan whined as she stomped her foot. are you freaking 3? are we in a daycare? does your mother still feeds you a bottle? calm yourself.

"i'm sorry, can you go." hayes said in more of a command than a question. his hand still warmed mine. she scoffed and stormed away. aww, she's missing the rest of the show!

"so, friday night." he smiled. i think i'm falling for avondale's lucky number 7.


i was finally home! and had to get ready for party.... "maya! great, we have to get you ready!" my mom pushed me back to my room. deju vu.

"how did you know the party is tonight? i told you it was friday." my mom rolled her eyes as she smiled.

"nash's twitter silly." i pulled back my eyes wide as ever. "you follow him on twitter?"

"ya know ya momma like em young." i almost barfed. she shook her hips. what on earth did i just hear? imagine nash grier as my *gimps* dad ......

"okay, i been shopping all day for you."

"okay..." i was terrified. i, i can't even describe my life right now. my mom pulled out 10 bags of clothes.  3 from wet seal, 3 from rue 21 and 4 from forever 21. i think we know which one to go for first. i dumped out the bags from forever 21 and searched through the clothes.

"this party is filled with juniors and seniors right? so get the ripped, black skinny jeans." my mom instructed me and i did so, i mean she did pick out some really nice stuff. beyounce's wardrobe designer ain't got nothin' on her.

"grey long-sleeve crop, slouchy beanie and ..." she paused and rammed through my closet, pulling out new shoes. "these!" they were black combats, grungy and i loved it.

"okay, shower, shower, after that we curl your hair." she slammed the door. okay, this calls for the all-out-party pack. i opened a cabinet that revealed rose body wash and perfume that was just the top of the line. i started the shower, the mirror fogged up immediately. this was the night and anything could happen.


"you're ready!" my mom squealed. pink, fairy dust lipstick covered my lips and glossy mascara covered my eyelashes. "okay, okay, i think i'm good mom..." i huffed as she teased my hair on and on and on....

i got up from my bed and walked downstairs. "thanks mom, love you." i kissed her cheek as i grabbed my coat and walked out the door. "be safe!" my mom yelled in the night.

i turned around and gave her a thumbs up then swung towards either the underworld or wonderland. lights flashed down the empty streets and the vibration rumbled the ground. my phone buzzed and it wasn't my mom this time.

"wanna roll to the party?" kassie....the last person i need to hear from right now.

i laughed. "why is taylor not going with you?" a little sass in my voice.

"no, he's at the party already." she said carelessly.

"okay and?" 

"and i was wondering if you wanted to go together. what's up with you m?" she started getting offensive.

"don't you even act innocent! you had the straight idea that meghan and her little posse was jumping on me and you just stared at the situation and didn't even care." 


"you, you nothing. i'm tired of being known as your sidekick and you dropping me for your boyfriend." i hung up and surprisingly i was already there. i inhaled slowly as i stared at the flashing lights and bodies of life. the music blasted throughout the streets and laughs could be heard from outside the gates. a smile tugged at my lips and my eyes overflowed with excitement. 

this was going to be the day i was no longer known as kassie's sidekick. 


sorry for the long update. this story might not make sense now but building this plot is going to take some time but enjoy 


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