Chapter 4: Human

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I sat up quickly with sweat drenching my whole body head to toe, I blinked taking in my surroundings. I was in a place I didn't recognize, there was a Tv across from me and I was laying on a green couch. The couch was oddly lumpy but very comfortable, I had a dark blue blanket draping over my body. I tried to recall what had happened before I had ended up here, I had just left the ruins and Toriel behind. I encountered Flowey and found myself in snow, then.. I encountered the skeleton from my nightmare, I must of passed out. With that sorted out, one question remains, where am I?

"HUMAN!" A loud voice had startled me from my thoughts, I jumped out of the couch and fell onto the floor. I rubbed my sore back, as I looked up to the source of the sound. A tall skeleton toward over me, a huge grin on his face. The smile on his face didn't give me the same fear, as the smaller skeleton. His smile seemed.. Genuine, unlike the other skeleton. His red scarf blew in the unknown source of wind, he seemed concerned and I stared at him. Next to him stood the smaller yet scarier skeleton, and I scurried backwards at the sight of him. I was shaking at the sight of him, and my back hit the Tv. "P-Please.. Don't hurt me.." I begged quietly tears forming in my eyes, The taller skeleton looked down at me surprised at my pleads. He looked over to to the shorter skeleton questionably, "SANS, WHAT DID YOU DO TO THE HUMAN?" His voice was sharp towards the shorter skeleton, whose name was Sans.

"I did nothin' bro." Sans said with relaxation in his tone, he is lying and he knows it. I shivered as they both stepped close to me, I backed up even more into the Tv. "WELL I, THE GREAT PAPYRUS, WILL HELP THE HUMAN WITH THEIR FEAR—" Papyrus was cut off with a slam of a door, Papyrus and Sans looked at who walked into their house. I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding, I stood up quickly and looked for a place to hide. I halted at the sound of a soft voice call my name, "Caitlin?" I looked over quickly to see Frisk standing in the door way, and my eyes widened at the sight of her. I ran towards her, and she ran towards me wrapping her arms around me. "F-Frisk I thought I'd never see you again.." I whispered tears spilling from my eyes, Frisk pulled away from me so she could get a good look at me. In the corner of my eyes I could see Sans and Papyrus watching us.

"Why are you here?" Frisk asked me, her tone serious and worried. I looked down rubbing my arms, and my lips trembled. "I went looking for you on the mountain, and I found a hole that lead down here. I felt despair at the sight because I thought wouldn't of made the fall, just as I was about to leave Dad showed up. He p-pushed me down here, and he broke my trust. I am just glad you are here with me.." I answered her question, her eyes narrowed and her grip on my shoulder tightened. "I knew something was up when he let us go on the mountain that children disappear on." Frisk whispered, I broke down in her arms. Sobs racked my body, and she held me close. "I thought I lost you.." I mumbled into her shoulder.

"It's alright.. I'm here now..." Frisk patted my back, and I balled the back of her sweater into my fists. "HUMANS! ARE YOU ALRIGHT?" Papyrus asked, I let go of Frisk and turned to him. I wiped away my tears with my sleeve, a smile made its way into my face. "We are fine-" I was cut off by my stomach rumbling, and stars shined in Papyrus' eyes. "YOU'RE HUNGRY, HUMAN, I, THE GREAT PAPYRUS SHALL GIVE YOU MY SPAGHETTI! I'LL BE RIGHT BACK, NYEHEHEHEHE!" Papyrus said as he ran off into what I assume is the kitchen, Sans, the skeleton from my nightmare turns to me. The smile on his face was sheepish and guilt filled, he rubbed the back of his neck bone. "Hey, sorry about what happened-" he tried to apologize to me, and I cut him off. "It's fine, we'll talk about it later I have a few questions."

Sweat beaded down his skull, as he nodded in agreement. Just as Frisk went to say something, Papyrus ran back into the living room holding a plate of spaghetti. I took it gently into my hands, and sat down on the couch. I laid the plate onto my lap, I twisted the fork around the noodles and sauce. I put it into my mouth, a metal taste had over taken the flavor of the spaghetti. It had a defiantly weird texture, but I forced it down. I turned to Papyrus giving him a thumbs up, and he seemed to grow in excitement. He put his hands together in front of himself, and he turned to sans. "SANS, THE HUMAN LIKES MY COOKING! CAN I KEEP HER?" Papyrus asked Sans, his smile seemed to widen at his brothers happiness.

"I guess. Who wouldn't like your cooking bro?" Sans questioned back, and Papyrus seemed to get even happier. "YOU ARE RIGHT BROTHER, I, THE GREAT PAPYRUS IS PRETTY GREAT. SAY, HUMAN, DO YOU LIKE PUZZLES?" Papyrus asked me, I smiled wide and nodded my head. "I love puzzles, I used to do them all the time before.." I trailed off as I thought of our now dead mother, Papyrus didn't seem to notice I had trailed off Sans noticed though. "A PUZZLE LOVER TOO? SANS WE NEED TO TAKE HER PUT TO MY PUZZLES!" Papyrus was practically shouting now, and Sans turned to his brother. I looked down to my lap to see all of the spaghetti gone. I stood up stretching out my stif muscles, and I walked to the kitchen. The sink was high up, and I looked up at it rubbing the back of my head.

"SANS! WHERE HAS THE HUMAN GONE?" Papyrus asked, I ignored that for a moment not worried at all about the harmless skeleton. I climbed onto the counter next to the sink, once I was balanced, I put the empty plate into my mouth. I then jumped up grabbing the top ledge of the sink. Once I got a good grip onto the ledge of the sink, I swung my right leg up and strattled the side of the sink. I pushed myself up biting down onto the plate, I was now on top of the sink. I sighed as I took the plate out of my mouth and began to wash it off the best that I could. "Uh.. Caitlin?" Frisk's soft voice asked, I flinched at the sound and I dropped the plate into the sink with a clatter. I put a hand over my heart, I took a breath in. "HOW DID YOU GET UP THERE TINY HUMAN?" Papyrus voice boomed, and I just looked down at them. "I.. Uh.. climbed?" I answered in more of a question, Sans shrugged his shoulders.

"Get down from there, it's not safe for you kid." Sans said with a deep tone, I nodded and jumped off the sink. I landed flat on my feet, my legs bent forward taking most of the sting of landing away. I stood up strait again my feet buzzing from the landing, I walked over to Frisk and Papyrus. "So about the puzzles-" as soon as the word puzzles left my mouth, Papyrus picked me up under my arms and held me up. "THE PUZZLES! AH, YES I MUST LET YOU SOLVE THEM! NYE HEHEHE!" With that he ran out of the house with me in his arms, the cold hit me like a ton of bricks. I shivered as he put me under his arm (Bone), the snow crunching beneath his feet. I could see Frisk and Sans following afterwards, Sans gave me a thumbs up. I smiled to myself and shook my head, when Papyrus finally put me down I shivered involuntary.


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