Chapter one: Tutoring

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Demi's POV:

I walk on to the set of Camp Rock and head towards the notice board and greet many familiar faces. We have been filming for a few weeks now so I'm beginning to make friends with the other cast members. I am playing a character called Mitchie, a regular teenage girl who goes to summer camp in order to work on her music career. As a main character I get to work with most of the cast at some point in the filming. This is great for me as it means I get the chance to make more friends.

I arrive at the notice board and check my schedule for the day. First up today is private tutoring for all school aged kids in the cast. As much as I hate it, the director makes sure that we keep on top of our school work whilst filming takes place. We all have 3 hours of tutoring a day plus homework that we are expected to complete whilst we aren't filming. I check the time and realise I was late for class so I quickly rush to class.

I get to class only 10 minutes late. Luckily the class hasn't started yet but everyone is already seated and waiting for class to start. I apologise to the teacher for arriving late and sit down next to the actor who plays Shane: Joe Jonas.

I haven't spoken to Joe a lot since we started filming. He spends a lot of his time with his brothers, Kevin and Nick, who are also in the film as the other members of Connect 3. Never the less, I have sure noticed Joe around the set. He is a good looking guy and he's full of confidence. He's got dreamy eyes and great hair, the whole package. I guess some would say that I have a bit of a crush on Joe but I'm pretty sure he sees us as nothing else but friends.

"Right then class" says Mrs Monroe as she starts the class.

I get my pen and paper out of my bag and put them down on my desk ready to start.

We're starting the day with Maths which is not only my worst subject but also my most hated subjects. As hard as I try to concentrate, I simply don't understand what Mrs Monroe is talking about and I fall into a day dream.

"Demi, Demi are you liatening?" I am awoken from my day dream by Mrs Monroe calling my name.

"Yes Miss" I say trying to sound interested.

"Well can you please give me the answer to the question on the board?"

"Urmmmm" I say trying to quickly figure out the answer.

"Demi have you taken any notes during this lesson?"

I sigh "No miss"

"Please concentrate Demi. Maybe Joe can give us the answer, Joe"

"256 Miss" Joe replies.

He has such a manly voice, so deep and stern. Too bad he doesn't even notice me.

The 3 hour goes by slowly. We spend an hour on Maths, and hour on History and an hour on reading skills.

Next up, on the schedule is Lunch break. I pack up my things and prepare to head to the canteen. I am about to head out the door of the trailer and I hear someone call my name.

"Demi, hey wait up"

I turn around to see who it is expecting it to be one of the girls. To my surprise its not the girls, it's Joe!


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