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ctan: Okay, a bunch of stuff has been amusing us lately, and we decided to do this Liner Note together.

Daron: yeah, I felt I didn't have enough chances to have my say. (*snickers*)

ctan: You're a dumb-ass.

Daron: Never claimed not to be. Okay, first off, ctan asked you all a bunch of questions, but from looking at the reponses to the last liner note, she left out one really crucial question.

ctan: I did?

Daron: Yes. You forgot to ask how many people are from New Jersey.

ctan: It's true, the comments make it seem as if a lot of people have first-hand experience with the Garden State.

Daron: Okay, so let's ask:

Are you from New Jersey?

No (80%, 37 Votes)

Yes (11%, 5 Votes)

Sort Of (9%, 4 Votes)

Total Voters: 46

ctan: Sort of...?

Daron: Yeah?

ctan: That's not how you make a poll.

Daron: No, that's not how YOU make a poll. It's perfectly clear to me what I meant. What other category would you put the people who were born there but didn't grow up there, or who passed through living there at some point, but who can't say "yes" to being "from" there?

ctan: Whatever.

Daron: Speaking of New Jersey... There's an indie rock band from New Brunswick called Screaming Females, and though only one of the three is female, they all play women in the following NJ-set video:

Daron: New Brunswick is smack in the middle of the area we mapped last liner note, due west of Perth Amboy (where Ziggy, J., and I found that diner). And speaking of maps, here's one someone pointed us at, which at some point The Star-Ledger/ published, but it came from the Internet. Sad/funny but like most things that are kinda offensive, kinda true, too:

ctan: According to the Star-Ledger, the map was created by 22-year-old Westfield resident and Rutgers graduate Joe Steinfeld, who posted it originally on Reddit. (Here's a link to the original Reddit post. The comments on the original are pretty funny, too.) And then it went viral.

Daron: Isn't Westfield the town next to Scotch Plains?

ctan: The town that always beat us in football, yes. Here's another map for your amusement. Posted by one of the most infamous gay men of our generation, Andrew Sullivan, who was for years a conservative politics and culture essayist and the editor of The New Republic, who came out in the 90s (by publishing a book) and has since gone on to be an Internet instigator of sorts through his blog/column/website, The Dish:

The Saddest Map in America:

Daron: God help me if I'm ever reduced to cruising Wal-Mart. Can we talk about music now?

ctan: You're the one who brought up New Jersey!


Note: The rest of Liner Note 26 will be posted next week, stay tuned!

If you haven't seen it yet, I made a compilation video of all the memes and quote art people have sent me over all the volumes of Daron's Guitar Chronicles! Please watch:

Here's hoping everyone in the US is having a nice holiday weekend, and that everyone else is having just a nice weekend. :-)


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