Duh. Ang kulit kaya nun. Di ko naman yun pinayagan manligaw eh. makulit lang talaga yun.-Taga sira ng araw ko. -Ella

Mukhang nakakita ka yata ng katapat mo Donya. Talent mo kayang manira ng araw ng iba. hahahah... How abou you den?-Aly

I'm already engaged Aly. -Den

Engaged to LA? When's the big day? -Aly

Not to LA besh. To Myco. -Den

What? How did it happen? And you Amy don't tell me you're engage also? You have a ring already?-Aly

Ahm. Yes. I'm engaged to Brent. He's from england my childhood bestfriend. We haven't scheduled the date yet but were palnning next year.-Amy

Oh God. I'm left out. Hahaha... Si Lau ano balita sa baklitang yun?-Aly

As far as i know sila parin ni Von pessumal. But never heard if engaged na sila. Busy masyado ang baklitang yun sa career niya parang ikaw lang din. Sayang nga at wala siya ngayon. Out of the country yata siya eh. Don't tell me you still have no steady boyfriend until now? We've heard many hot, famous guys you dated. Even my long time crush Channing Tatum dated you. -Den 

Yeah i dated hot men but it seems that no one captured yet my heart. Hihihi. -Aly

Really???!!!-they asked in unison.

Alyssa just nodded. Their conversation went on until Ella complained of her grumbling tummy. Then they noticed its almost 7 pm.
Ella PG ka parin. -Den, Amy and Aly

Eh sa gutom na eh. Tara allys tayo magdinner. Contact your sisters na din para makaalis na tayo dito. -ella

Okay sige. Miss ko na dun kumain dun. -aly

They went to allys and continued thier conversation. while eating ella's phone rang.
Its none of your business. Oh alam mo naman na pala asn ako. stalker! I'm with my beshies. Yes kompleto kami. Ahuh. Huwag na mangungulit ka lang sa amin. Papahatid nalang ako kina den pag-uwi. Hay nako. Ang ganda na sana ng araw ko nanggulo ka pa.-Ella

Answeet naman.- aly, den and amy

They continued thier chichat until Dawn came to fetch Ella and Trixie. Its past 9 PM na pala.

Hey bebe ko. Dawn approached as he kissed ella on the cheeks. 

Bebe ko your face. I told not to fetch us but you still did. Ang tigas talaga ng ulo neto. Ang kulit!-Ella

Namiss na kasi kita eh. Hi sa inyo. Dawn nga pala. He shook hands with everyone in the table.

Hi Alyssa. I knew you already back in college and you are famous. Who would not know you. Pleased to meet you. Nagshake hands sila ni Aly.

Yeah i knew you also. But today was the first we are introduced formally. You take care of our beshy okay. -Aly

Hahaha... of course takot ko lang sa inyo. Ang lakas nyo kaya magspike. Hehehe... i wont, promise. -Dawn

Siguraduhin mo lang Dawn. -Amy

So  may mga reresback sayo pag inaway mo ko. Ipalapa no na yan sa buaya everyday sinisira nyan ang araw ko. grrr. gaya nalang today-Ella

Aray ko naman. Can't you feel i'm serious... Buti nalang kahit sa kakulitan ko napapansin mo ko. She is safe with me mga besh. So ano babe uwi na tayo? -Dawn

Yeah. Teka kailan mauulit ang reunion natin na to mga besh?-ella

Ahmm... most probably magiging regular na after a month?-Aly

You're staying for good?-Den

Ahm... not yet sure if its for good. I'm still weighing my options for now. But i'll be having my indefinite leave starting next month so expect to see me often next month. I'm travelling back to Paris on Wednesday to settle things.-Aly

Wow. Another good news. Keep us posted then okay? And have a safe trip.-Den

Yeah thanks. You take care also mga beshie ko. -Aly

They hugged one last time before they part ways.

Aly just got home. She was surprised to see her Dad waiting for her at the living room.

Dad, you should have slept early. You still need rest. Baka mabinat ang katawan mo. Pano ka makarecvover ng maaga niyan.-Aly

I just really need to talk to you.-Dad

Is it that important? Di ba pwedeng ipagpabukas yan? You need to rest dad. C'mon.-Aly

Okay give me at least 30 minutes. I might not be able to sleep tonight if we cant talk now. -Dad

Okay then. 30 minutes it is. -Aly

Aly anak i don't want to ask you this favor but i'm desperate now i just can't lose our company. I know its not in your line to manage business and eversince i never imposed to you that someday you will manage the company. I thought your kuya Velmer (Ate shane's husband) could help me with the management of the company but his business now is on its expansion period. I can't just ask him to help me with our business as he needs to focus now on his company. Gen is pregnant and i cant afford to take her husband time from here especially now that her condition is quite critical. You are the only option i have Aly. -Daddy

I'm a psychology graduate Dad. I don't have any knowledge on managing or even saving our company. Can't we just hire someone to do that for us?-Aly

We can't risk that now aly. Our company is on the brink of failing already. I dont need experts on business management but i need your help. I cant afford to lose this company Aly. I asked for help from my bestfriend. Your nining Bong Ravena. -Daddy

At least ninong is willing to help us. So how can i help dad?-aly

Your ninong already studied the company finances and even investigated the business as a whole. He said the only way we could stop the investors on withdrawing thier shares is merging our company with his. If we merge our company investors will stay and we would have enough time to fix the company. -Daddy

Okay merging of company it is. So where will i come in dad?-Aly

As of now. The investors gave me 2 months to fix the problem but i cant focus to the company because i got sick and i need to rest. So the easiest and fastest way of the merge will be marriage. I'm so sorry iif i'd ask you this. But can you marry Kiefer, your ninong's Eldest son for the sake of the company? I'm not requiring you to marry him Aly. You are still free to choose. I just gave this option a shot. If you wont say yes i'd be willing to accept that the company will really come to its end and would settle to selling it to save it from bankruptcy. -Daddy

Aly got silent and tried to analyze the situation. After a minute or two she finally speak.

I witnessed all your hard work for that company dad. And i know how important this company is for you. I'm so sorry if i didn't saw this coming, i should have considered learning how to manage a business. I'll marry him dad if thats what it takes to save the company that you loved. I'll marry him for you dad. So don't think of the company okay? You need to rest. Please dad. You still have to walk me in the aile. -Aly

Aly hugged his dad. And she heard a sigh of relief from her dad.
Thank you anak. I'm so sorry. I love you.-Dad
Its okay dad. I love you. So as promised you will sleep na di ba?.
She felt her dad nod. So she walked her dad to his room. She then went to her room. As she checked the time, its already 11 pm. Just to make her feel better she typed a message for her beshies informing them that she's engaged. She knows they are asleep now, just to calm her mind from a mind blowing events of today.

After that she thought of the name of her future husband. Kiefer Ravena. And with that thought she fell asleep.

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