Chapter 6: The Stalwart and the Barren Heart

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It was morning time at Green B.U.S academy. Marina was in her room, sat on her blue duvet bed typing rapidly on a laptop "let's see, is it? (knock, knock) Come in" Scarlet entered the room

"Marina...there you are. Vamos a llegar tarde, we're going to be late hurry up"

"Just a minute" Scarlet walked over to Marina

"What...are you doing?"

"Trying to find the video of Saku's rank test" Scarlet had a look and noticed she was scrolling through videos "I had to go through a few security checks but I needed to find it"

"Why are you doing that? ¿Por qué haces eso?"

"Something has been bugging me. Saku said he was tested and found to be rankless"

"And that bothers you why?" she said with a tone of curiosity

"He should at the minimum be a Rank C. Even with no fighting talent, his energy is overflowing, you've seen it before. And there's the fact his energy mimics that of an element, in the manner of how it's produced and used. So he could be technically be a rank B" she then found the right video "Ah here it is"

Scarlet sat down next to Marina as the slightly distorted video played out. Marina watched Saku performed three tests "they first check fighting style, then aura use...and B.U.S rating" from the camera' view though they couldn't quite see Saku, just his feet and hands. They did see a person with a clipboard crossing something out

"well, Saku failed his fighting style and aura use" said Scarlet "and...they should now be attaching the machine which measure's B.U.S" they saw the man attach a sort of band on his forearm with a clear green display. They saw Saku begin to concentrate

"This will show us his B.U.S read out" said Marina watching "There are four spaces. The first space shows a W if they have a weapon nature, the second displays the first letter of their element and last two show the power of the aura. Let's see" they watched the band come on and display __05.

Scarlet looked at it and pointed at the numbers "the blanks mean he is neither a weapon or element user and the last two numbers show strength. But only 5?"

"No wonder he was considered rankless" said Marina "the average is around fifty. I scored a sixty-six"

"A little higher than me, I got fifty-nine" they watched the man walk away and Saku's hand clench "well...this doesn't give us any..." they noticed for a mere moment the display change "Marina, did you see that?"

"yes I did"

Marina rewound the video "now to very slowly play it" their eyes peered closely at the band and as Saku clenched his hand "and...stop" they saw the band had changed much to their disbelief ""

"¿Es eso correcto?" said Scarlet "is that right?" they couldn't see the first two but saw a number of 99 at the end "ninety-nine!?"

"I find myself believing this somehow. You saw for yourself, the power he has displayed. Still, we can't quite see the first two. We can't even tell if they are blank of not"

"Now this begs the question. Why could the machine only pick it up at that one moment?"

"I...don't know. B.U.S flows naturally and, you can't exactly keep it hidden. Well not by that much" the chime echoed throughout the school

"well, work it out later let's go" Scarlet nearly dragged Marina away but her thought remained fixated on that number

"Not even Saku's father registered that high. I don't get it"

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