Chapter 7even ~ Can't Catch A Break.

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*A few hours later, Aqua's POV*

We'd been through almost every store in the mall and had spent a ton of money. Wynter was still acting like it was the worst day of her life, but I think she was actually having a great time. Suddenly, my stomach growled and I blushed in embarrassment. Eleanor looked over her shoulder at me and laughed.

"I agree," she said and now I laughed. "You girls up for some food?" she asked.

We all nodded and headed to the food court. "What about Subway?" I asked. They all nodded so we went to stand in line. Once we had our food we found an empty table and sat down to eat. "This. Is. Heaven," I mumbled around my mouthful of food. Eleanor smiled at me and laughed. "What?" I asked as I began whiping at my mouth thinking that I had a peice of food on my face.

"Nothing," she said with a shake of her head. "You're just perfect for Niall."

l blushed and looked down. "He could do much better."

"Doubt that," she said before eating again.

"I'm not anything special," I said. "He's famous and can get any girl he wants. He doesn't like me." They were all giving me 'really?' looks and Scarlet pulled out her phone. "I shall prove that statement wrong," she said as she typed something into her phone. "Don't call him you lunatic!" I exclaimed. "Chill your tits. I'm not stupid." She put the phone on speaker and set it in the middle of the table. After it rang a few times the person picked up.

"Scarletttttt!" a deep voice said.

"Hey, Harry!" Scarlet said. "I have a question."

"Hit me."

"Does Niall like Aqua?"

"Of course he does! All he ever does is talk about how amazing she his and all that stuff. Watch, I'll show you."

My face was so red that it probably wasn't healthy and I was staring at the phone. I heard footsteps in the back ground and then Harry cleared his throat. "Um, Niall... can I, uh, talk to you?"

"Sure, mate, what's up?" Niall asked. The sound of his voice made my heart melt.

"Uh..Niall. I-I have... a crush on..."

"A crush on who?" Niall sounded worried and mad.

Harry's next words were barely audible. "...Aqua."

Niall started yelling. "No, Harry! NO! You better erase those damn feelings before I do it for you! You know damn well I liked her the day I met her, not you! BACK. THE HELL. OFF." I was staring wide-eyed at the phone with my hand over my mouth.

He liked me?

Niall Horan liked me?

"I was joking, Ni. Just wanted to see your reaction." I could hear the smile in Harry's voice. Someone slammed a door and then the girls and Harry began cracking up. I just sat there staring at the phone. "I gotta go, Har." Scarlet said. "I'm having a day with the girls, just needed you to prove my point about Niall and Aqua."

"Aw, okay. Bye beautiful!" Now Scarlet was turning red. She said her goodbye and hung up.

"Told you," Scarlet said while smiling.

"Eat your sandwich, Turd," I ordered. As I began to eat I heard my phone ring and opened the message that popped up. I smiled like an idiot when I saw it was from Niall and texted back.

Nialler: Hey, beautiful.

Aqua: Hey! xx

Nialler: I was wondering if you'd like to go out to dinner with me tomorrow?

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