Chapter 6ix ~ They're Hiding Something

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*Eleanor's POV*

When we got out of Wynter's room Louis wrapped his arms around my waist and I leaned into him. I was still trying to peice things together. Something was really off about these girls. I mean, I didn't think they were faking their identities or trying to use the boys, but it seemed like they were hiding something as if their lives depended on it. I pulled out of Louis' grasp and pressed my ear against the door so that maybe I could hear what they were talking about. "Love, what are you doing?" Louis asked. I held up my finger. Eventually I pulled away in defeat because I couldn't make out anything. When I turned around Harry was giving me an odd look. "Something is wrong," he said.

"You think so, too?" I asked him.

He nodded. "What are you talking about?" Louis asked. "Do any of you think that they are hiding something?" I asked. We all exchanged looks and Liam, Louis, and Zayn nodded. "I don't think so," Niall stated. "You're too distracted by Aqua to notice," Harry joked and Niall's face turned red.

"What makes you think they're hiding something?" Niall asked me. "When I was in there alone with Wynter and Lauren, Lauren was saying things like 'Was it my fault?' and 'I didn't mean to get you hurt' I don't think she saw me sitting there and Wynter covered her mouth and gave me a weird look." Harry was frowning.

"When we were in the car driving to get Lauren," he began, "l asked Scarlet why Wynter freaked out and she avoided the question. When we got to their house it looked like they almost busted the front door down and when they came out Lauren's cheek was swollen and she was crying really hard. Scarlet looked like she'd seen a freaking ghost and was shaking really bad."

"Dont forget last night," Zayn added. "When Harry came back from getting a belt she looked like she was having a seizure and she flinched when l touched her leg in the car. She wouldn't come near me."

Now Liam spoke up, "And lets not forget that people don't usually end up in the hospital when they hit their side on a chair!" I slid down the wall and rubbed my temples. This was all so confusing! There was one thing I was 100% sure of though, and that was they're hiding something.

"Don't worry, El," Louis whispered and sat down beside me. I leaned my head on his shoulder with a sigh. A few minutes later my phone started buzzing and I looked at it. My alarm for work was going off. "I gotta go to work," I told Louis. "No, please stay with me!" he begged and wrapped his arms around my legs. "Louis, the last time I stayed with you I got yelled at,"I laughed.

"I'm not letting you leave," he mumble against my legs. I smirked when an idea popped into my head, "1" I began. "2. Louis Tomlinson, if you don't get off by three I won't have anything to do with you for the rest of the week," I warned. He laughed, "We both know you wouldn't do that."

"Hold on, we'll get him," Zayn said. They all got up and Liam and Niall grabbed his feet while Zayn and Harry grabbed his arms. "Noooooo!" Louis cried.

I quickly kissed him and said, "Tell the girls said bye!" Before I walked away.

(A/N: Nothing really interesting happens from here so I'm going to skip a week ahead.)

It's been a week since I was admitted to the hospital and five days since I was released. Lauren has been staying at one of her friends' houses and I have been staying at Aqua's house and Scarlet's because quite frankly I'm too scared to go back to my own house. I'm too scared to face him again. And I'm finally admitting this, but I don't know how much more abuse I can handle. I'm healing because I haven't faced him, but the pain I went through when he cracked my lungs might have. No, pushed me over the edge. Two days ago Aqua found me in her bathroom holding a razor. She helped me see some sense and I bawled my eyes out because I felt so guilty for what I was about to do.

I've been texting Zayn a lot lately. Yup, you guessed it, Aqua and Scarlet convinced me to stay in touch with them. I've grown really close to Zavn. He makes me feel safe. He still doesn't know anything about my family though, and I plan on lying when the time comes that I have to tell him. All of the boys left yesterday for their last Up All Night concert in Illinois and should be back in two days on Monday. They are thinking about renting a house here in New York, Manhattan for the summer or longer if they can.

Scarlet's voice broke me from my thoughts when she yelled, "Wynter Frost, get your butt up and get ready! Us, Eleanor, and Aqua are having a girls day and going shopping!"  I groaned and pulled myself out of her guest bedroom and over to the railing over-looking her living room. "You know I don't have the money to shop for no reason." Smiling, she pulled a gold card out of her pocket. "The boys gave us a credit card and said to knock ourselves out."

"No!" I exclaimed. "You know very well that I don't like using other peoples' money and this
time is no exception."

"Please, Wynter!Pleasepleasepleaseee!" she begged. I shook my head 'no'. A devious smile spread across her face and she put her phone against her ear after dialing a number. "Hey, Zayn. Did I catch you at a bad time?...No? Good. Well, Wynter won't use the credit card... I told her that but she didn't listen!... Yeah, she's right here... Okay, Wynter, he wants to talk to you."

I growled and stumbled down the stairs, snatching the phone from her hands before saying, "I'm not using your guys' money."

"Yes you are," he replied.

"No, I'm really not."

He paused and then said, "If you don't use it, then I'll quit the band."

I laughed and said, "Doubt that."

"Wanna bet? I'll call the boys and Simon right now and-"

Before he could finish I cut him off. "Fine, fine! I'll use the damn card!" I growled.

"Good girl," he laughed. "Have fun!"

"Whatever," I mumbled before hanging up and throwing the phone back to Scarlet. I stalked upstairs and went through all the clothes I had before putting on a pair of white jean shorts and a blue and purple plaid long sleeved button-down shirt with a gold ring and grey purse. I threw my hair up in a messy bun, put on eyeliner and mascara, and slipped on my blue flats before joining Eleanor, Scarlet and Aqua downstairs. "Happy?" I asked.

They all nodded and I gave Eleanor and Aqua a hug before El said, "We're taking my car!" We all piled in and then headed to the mall.

"I want to kill you all," I muttered. They laughed and my phone buzzed. I checked it to see I had a text from Zayn.

BradfordBadBoi: By the way, El promised to tell me if you don't buy anything. And you have to
spend atleast $200 on yourself. Don't try anything cuz it won't work :)

I groaned and quickly replied.

Wynter: I hate you so much right now.

BradfordBadBoi: )': you will regret that when I get back.

Wynter: We'll see.

There was absolutly no way I was using a whole S200 for myself. That was just absurd. I would use half of it for Lauren to get her something nice. Thinking of Lauren reminded me of when she quit worrying about me in the hospital and realized she was in the same room as One Direction. I was laughing so hard because she was pinching herself to see if she was dreaming and then flipped out. She was a bigger fan than Aqua- if that was possible. When we got to the mall I climbed out of the car and reluctantly began walking to the nearest enterance.

This was going to be a long day.

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