You Fight (Part 1)

You're waiting for Austin to come home from the studio. He promised you this morning that you where going to have a movie night together, because you almost never see each other anymore. You hear the door open and then close with a boom. "Austin?" you ask but get no answer. "Austin?" you ask again and you see Austin coming into the living room. "Hi babe, how was your day?" you ask and try to kiss him but he push you away. "Don't touch me" he say and walk to the kitchen, and you follow him. "Is something wrong? You know that yo-" "OH JUST SHUT UP Y/N!!! YOU ARE ALWAYS BOTHERING ME, LET ME BE ALONE!!!" he cries and look at you with red face. "Don't you dare shout to me like that" you say and cross your arms over your chest. "YOU ARE A BITCH AND THINK THAT EVERYONE WANT TO HEAR EVERYTHING WHAT YOU SAY, BUT NO ONE WANT TO LISTEN ON YOU!!!" "I JUST TRY TO HELP YOU!" you shout back now, and you feel tears rolling down your cheeks. "Sometimes i just wonder why we are together" he whisper and turn around walking upstairs. You gasp to his line, "Wonder why we are together?". How could he say something like that? You decide to leave because if you are a couple, you need to talk to each other about things. You take some things (phone, some clothes etc.) and get out to your car. You drive to a hotel because you need some time alone.

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