The Day It All Started

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|Tori's POV|

"hello from the other siiiiddddeee!!"
I was blasting my music on my phone, and while the song started playing...I started to sing along with it while I was in the shower.

I mean I think my voice is okay, but honestly...who's voice doesn't sound good in the shower. Well Brittney the bitch sounds like pig having sex with a chicken when she sings. Like she literally thinks that she is Ariana Grande when she no girl, you can't sing even if you took voice lessons.

My hate towards her is a whole other story that I am not going to get into right now.

Anyway, today is the best day of my life!! Two years ago from now, Jai Mitchell Spence asked me out on a date!

Like my baby is the best, he takes me everywhere I want to go and he gets me so many gifts. He is literally the sweetest boy that you will ever meet.

Well for today, I had the whole day planned out. First, we would go to the art museum, since that was where Jai first took me on our first date. Then we would go over to his house for awhile and get into netflix and chill...if you know what I mean.

Then the last part of the day we would go out to a nice restaurant and have a nice dinner.

I just can't wait to see my baby!! I know he misses me..I mean he has too. We've been dating for two years, he..he just has to miss me.


|Jai's POV|

"Just like that baby..oh my god that feels soo good babe!" I couldn't help but moan. Fucking Mei just felt soo good.

"Oh yea babe, you like that!" She moaned.

"Mmm baby fuck me harder! You feel so good on me." I smiled and moaned with pleasure.

Oh fuck!! I forgot that today is the 2 year aniversary of Tori being my girlfriend.

Shit, she probably has another one of her stupid made up plans for the day already. I should just break up with her, but I don't want to break her heart.

I just have to find a way to...."Oh fuck baby! Faster!!"....tell her that I'm cheating on her, in a gentle and kind way. am I going to tell her about bad news like that in a calm and gentle way. I'm such an idiot.

The thing is that i dont even miss Tori half of the time anymore. Well I have to finish with Mei first. Then I have to get ready for the worst day of my life.

Well that was the first chapter! I hope it wasn't too bad of a way to start off the book. Well once this chapter gets to 15 reads then I will make the next chapter.

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