Useless Chapter.

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"Troy!" She ran up to him as he got off the bus.

He picked her up and spun her around, her giggling the entire time.

I watched while all of this occurred, uniform uncomfortable and all. She looks so happy in his arms.

I wonder who he is. Who am I kidding, he's her boyfriend. Obviously.

But...she never mentioned a boyfriend. She didn't say anything about him. If he is her boyfriend, why would she kiss me?

God this is confusing. I need to go. Clear my mind.

The walk to the lake would take 5 minutes, plus its so relaxing there. A perfect place to clear my head.

It's peaceful you know? Just sitting on the edge of the dock. Feet dangling, tip of the toes touching the water. Not thinking about anything. Feeling kind of...yeah.

Then there's that stupid lingering thought that always makes you remember what you wanted to forget in the first place.

Stupid brain, just shut up for once. I can't...go through this again. She's just...someone you admire. Nothing more. God Normani, you know that's far from the truth.

I can't go back there, I'll look like an idiot. I always find a way to make myself look like an idiot.

I jus-OH GOD!

"What the hell!?" Who walks up behind someone who's in the military?

"You're the one who snuck up on me! .....Daya!?" The little bitch.

"Yes its me, now let me go!"

I let go of her arm and immediately hugged her with all the strength I had.

"I missed you so much Daya!" I haven't seen her in almost three months.

"I missed you too Mani. Hows it been here?"

"It's been going, I guess. What're you doing here? I thought you weren't coming until tomorrow?" Like I said, the little bitch.

"Surprise. C'mon Mani, you know me." She held her arms up in a 'obviously' type of way.

"Anyway. What the hell do you mean 'It's going'. I thought this is what you wanted."

"This, yes. I love being here and serving my country. There's just...I met someone." Why am I saying this?

"Oh? They cute?" She's such a doofus.

"Yeah, she is." I can just see her beautiful face.

"She bigger than me?" She had the most blank face ever.

"What?" What?

"Nothing, just a family guy reference. Remember? Brian was try-nevermind. You didn't hear anything. Anyway, what's so bad about this girl?" She said going back to normal.

"She has a boyfriend." Grrrr

"Yeah. That sucks. So what now?" Is she serious?

"What do you mean, what now? She has a boyfriend! So I can't show my face to her ever again." Why am I so dramatic?

"Why're you being so dramatic? The only person who knows you like here is you, right?"

"Well.....she knows, kinda." Well, she does.

"You're so freakin problematic, you know that?" Where'd that come from?

"What? How?"

"I don't even know. You just are. What do you mean she knows?" She kind of looks like my mom with her hands on her hips like that.

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