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"Do you even hear me, Mani?"

"What? Huh? Yeah. Of course I do babe." Normani looked up from the phone only to glance back down at it.

They were backstage before meet and greets in a crowded dressing room in the corner kind of away from everyone else. Normani was sitting on the couch with her leg dangling off the arm as Ally stood in front of her.

"Oh you do huh? Tell me what I just said." Ally waited with her arms folded.


"Mani!" Ally lightly tapped Normani's arm.

"Huh?" She tore her eyes away from the phone.

"Tell me."

"Tell you what?"

"What I just said."


Before Ally could say anything Will cut her off.

"It's time to go. Meet and greets, then sound check, then come back here to get ready for the show tonight. C'mon guys." He clapped his hands once and left.

"It's time for the M&G, lets go Als." Normani stood and went in for a kiss, but was turned down by Ally turning her face.

She couldn't even ask what was up before Ally walked out, leaving silence in the room.

Ahh whatever, she's probably just worried about the show tonight.

Normani walked out with a smile on her face, naive as ever. What she didn't know though was Ally fuming.

And fuming Ally was. She quickly walked down the corridor to the doors that led to the meet and greet.

'How could she not notice how angry I am? Ugh! She is so frustrating! I gotta get her back. She has to learn. She has to learn that in a relationship, there is a two way street. But how? Hmmm. Ooo I could cut all of her hair off at night. No, she'll probably literally kill me. Hmm, something that'll just teach her a lesson. *Gasp* I could make her jealous!! Yes! How though? I'll think of something.'

Ally continued walking until she stopped abruptly by a tall figures back.

"Damn smallz, you don't have to run up on me like that." Dinah smiled as she turned around, hugging Ally.

"Sorry, Dinah. I wasn't looking." Ally hugged her back.

"It's cool. What's wrong?" Dinah noticed the slight frown on her face.

"Nothing, just tired." Ally rolled her eyes thinking about Normani.

"Of the BS?"

"Haha yup."

"What Mani do this time?" She crossed her arms waiting for Ally to respond.

"It's just, lately she hasn't been listening to me."

"She don't never listen. This isn't new. Hahaha." Ally nodded in agreement.

"Yeah but, I spill all my feelings out to her and all I get back is 'Huh? You say something?' It's not OK." Dinah shook her head slowly.

"That's why I'm gonna do something about it."

Dinah's eyes widened. "You're gonna break up with her?"

"No, no. Nothing like that. I was thinking more on the lines of jealousy?" Ally said the word questioningly, as if Dinah was not going to like it.

"Oh I'm in."

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