CHAPTER 20 | cat's out of the bag!

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📎A/N. Hello my lovelies ... well another weekend almost over and back to work tomorrow :-(

It seemed you all had different ideas on whether Sydney should tell Ethan what she was up to... all though you all seemed to agree she was in the wrong. As usual this chapter is unedited, so if you spot anything let me know :-)

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The sun's last rays reflected off the massive windows of the hospital as Ethan pulled a backpack and a plastic bag from the back seat, closed the door and headed towards the entrance. He unconsciously sped up as he neared the building. Ethan had missed a few of his regular visits and hated interrupting Walter's routine.

The week had been long and tiring. While his trip to Qatar had been successful, he was pleased to be back on home soil. Ethan glanced at the bag he was holding. Hopefully, Walter would forgive his absence when he saw what he had brought with him.

"Hey!" Ethan smiled as he strode into Walter's room a few minutes later.

Walter, who had been sitting at his desk and concentrating on the tablet in front of him, looked up in surprise. "M-M-Mac," he cried out.

Ethan dropped his stuff on Walters's bed. "Sorry I'm late," he said as he sat down beside Walter. "What are you doing?" Ethan asked as he glanced down at the tablet to see a photo of a child in tears with four possible descriptions around it. He recognised the reading therapy app targeted to adults with neurological impairments.

"M-Mat-ch-ching," Walter said as he touched the phrase 'crying baby'.

Walter beamed as the screen then lit up with a large green tick.

Ethan leaned across to give Walter a hug. "Looks like you're on fire today," he said noticing the overall score.

Walter nodded and smiled proudly at Ethan's praise.

"I must have known," Ethan said as he retrieved the plastic bag he'd left on the bed and handed it to Walter.

Walters face lit up like a child's on Christmas morning. He looked inside the bag and, recognising what it was, squealed and pulled out the box.

Ethan laughed at his brother's apparent elation. "I thought we could play it tonight."

"C-c-can we?"

"Of course. I'll set it up before they call you for dinner."

Ethan, not seeing the remote on the TV, made his way to Walters's bedside table. Walter had a habit of leaving it in his top draw. Ethan opened the draw and frowned. The remote was there. So too was at least a dozen Butterfinger candy bars. "Hey Walter, what are these doing here," he asked, holding one up.

Walter glanced up from pulling the plastic covering off the Lego's Dimension box so he could get to the figurines and game inside. "S-s-nee," he said, promptly returning his focus to his unwrapping exercise.


Bernie, who chose that moment to breeze into the room, cut Ethan off from finishing the question. "Mac, I was heading out and heard you were here."

"I managed to move a couple of things to come earlier," Ethan explained as he shook hands with Walter's primary therapist.

"L-L-Look w-what I g-g-g-got," Walter exclaimed, holding up a small Batman and Gandalf figurine.

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