When One Door Closes Another Door Opens

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When One Door Closes Another Door Opens


"Fuck you, Wesley!" I yell, all my anger and pain coming out of my mouth. I blink back the tears, not letting Wesley win this time. "Fucking get out of my life! Get out of my house!" I point to the door, glaring him down with my jaws clenched.


"Don't Mandy me. My name is Amanda, and I told you to fucking get out of my house."

"Bitch." He sneers. I scoff, a threatening laugh coming out of my mouth.

"If I'm a bitch than I wonder what you are." Wesley gives me a glare before walking out of my flat, slamming the door shut.

As I walk to the door to lock it, that's when all my emotions come pouring out. Within a few seconds, my whole face is already wet with tears.


"Amanda, where are you?"

"Don't worry about me, I'm fine."

"You're not fine. Manda, I know you."

"Dakota, I'm fine. I'm going now, I'll talk to you later." I hang up without waiting for a reply. I love my best friend, but right now I just need some time for myself.

I walk into the bar, ready to drink away my sorrow. I spot a seat at the bar and go straight there, not looking at anyone.

"Give me something strong." I say to the bartender, not really caring what type of drink I get.

While the bartender prepares me a random drink, I take off my coat and touch my cold hands under my eyes to help with the puffiness.

When he finally hands me the drink I go right for it, gulping it down, wanting this pain to go away. And just from that one drink, I can already feel the alcohol having its effect on me, a bit of the pain disappearing.

"Whoa, might wanna slow down there." I hear someone say besides me. I place the empty glass on the counter, telling the bartender to give me another one.

I don't bother looking at this man, the only thing in my head is Wesley and what he did to hurt me. The pain is so great in my chest— it feels like there is a knife constantly stabbing me in my heart. I know Wesley is not worth my tears and pain, but it is so hard to do that.

"And why is that?" I finally respond to the man.

"Because, I don't think it's good to drink alcohol that fast."

"Well, I think it is a great idea right now." I reply back, a sigh coming out of my mouth. I don't even know why he is talking to me.

"And why is that?"

The bartender hands me my drink. I thank him and take a big gulp out of the glass. I finally turn my head, looking at this man who is talking to me. I instantly notice his past-shoulder length hair and stunning green eyes. I turn back to my drink and consume the rest of it.

"And why do you want to know?" I quiz him, raising an eyebrow at him. I watch him raise his hand, his lips resting against the edge of the glass as he takes a sip of his drink.

"That's a good question." He chuckles. "Just making conversation I guess."

"But you don't want to know the answer. It's not interesting." I take another gulp, finish the contents in the glass.

"I doubt it."

"Can I get one more, please?" I ask the bartender. He nods at me, starting to prepare another drink. At this point I can feel myself being slightly buzzed. The alcohol for sure went to my head as I am starting to feel a bit dizzy.

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