Mortal! Jiper/jasper | So We Meet Again

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"Rows 1-24 for flight 1738 direct flight from San Fransico to New York, New York please line up in front of the check in.", the flight attendant said through the speakers, standing at the gate check in.

"What the hel-" Piper said taking out her headphones and turning around to see who tapped her shoulder.

"Um, miss, flight 1738 is boarding." "Wha- oh, oh thank you.", piper said scrambling to jam her headphones and phone back into her bag.

"My names Jason, by the way." The stranger said stretching out his hand.
"Piper.", she responded shaking his hand firmly.

"Sorry I should go I don't want to be late for my flight."

"Okay, nice meeting Piper, you remind me of someone who's famous I just can't remember who."

"It was nice meeting you too Jason, and I get that a lot." She said giggling, wait she thought to herself, I never giggle, I'm acting like my sister drew, what is wrong with me?

They both parted ways, piper walking to gate checkin, Jason to the bathroom.

Once finding her seat, A3, Piper sat down and started looking through her bag trying to find her book, Paper Towns, and a piece of gum.

"So we meet again." Someone said, bringing Piper out of Orlando Florida with Q and Margo and back to the old leathery seat of the plane she was on.

"Excuse me?" Piper asked confused and looked at the person, "J-jason?"

"That's my name don't wear it out, beauty queen," he said while giving her a toothy grin. "But I do believe that your in my seat."

"What? No I'm not," she stated, reaching into her pocket for her plane ticket,"see?"

"Well then how come I have the same ticket," he held up his ticket next to her's to inspect them.

"Humm, I don't know,"Piper said confused, she stood up and flagged down a nearby flight attendant.

"Excuse me mam' but we have the have the same seat." She pointed between Jason and her.

"Huh, seems we have over booked this flight, I'm sorry about that, but if one of you would like to take a different flight in exchange for a free round trip to anywhere in the continental United States I could certainly arrange that."

"I would but I have a mandatory "family" meeting later tonight-even though I don't know half of the people going- my mom is mad enough already that I'll be late and not have 10 hours to get ready.", Piper stated rolling her eyes.

"Hey! Me too, my dad is making me go to one tonight."

"Maybe it's the same one," Piper snorted sarcastically.

"Well I'm sorry but we are fully booked, maybe I can ask if another passager is willing to take a later flight if both of you can't," the flight attendant said trying to reason with them.

"Or,you know, Piper could just sit on my lap during the flight," Jason said, smirking at Piper, then winking when he noticed her crimson complexion.

"As-sking for the o-other passengers to give up the-eir sits wou-ld be a go-od idea," Piper stuttered and gave a slight glare at Jason, making his smirk widen.

The flight attendant walked away and made the announcement which a girl named Rachel Dare happily obliged to, not being too eager to get back to her judgmental parents.

"Your a jerk, you know that right?", Piper said, trying to fake being mad.

"Yeah I know."

"Um, miss-sir I found an open seat its F2."the flight attendant stated tapping them on the shoulder.

"Thank you, I'll take it. Guess I'll see you again some other time, Beauty queen."

"I doubt it," Piper said said shaking her head with a laugh, "Bye Jason."

"Goodbye Piper."

He left her in peace to continue Paper Towns and meet up with Q and Margo at the Suntrust building, while the plane took off.

After an hour flight the plane landed and Piper got off and looked for Jason, but she couldn't find him, so she went to baggage claim and got her suitcases, heading for her mom's huge penthouse.

<Timeskip to the "family" meeting>

"Piper darling you look beautiful, how could you possibly not have a boyfriend?" Aunt Iris asked pinching Piper's cheeks.

"I don't really care about dating." Piper replied.

"Nonsense! She has boys lined up to date her she just has to decide which one looks best for photos with her," her mom countered, "you know, when she was seven her and Logan Lerman-the movie star- had a little romance. It was adorable. But she ended up breaking his heart, just like every relationship should end of course."

Piper rolled her eyes at the story her mom told which WAS NOT true, and walked over the the food table grabbing a donut. Then she went over to an empty table away from the annoying family members and took out her phone to play the Kim Kardashian game- to make fun of it of course. When she heard a familiar voice behind her.

"Told you we'd meet again, beauty queen."

<<< >>>

Two things
1) idk if that's how airplanes make the seating charts because I ride southwest and they don't have assigned seats so sorry if it's inaccurate
2) sorry for making fun of the Kim K game if you like it but she just gets on my nerve😐😂 Until later, Adieu


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