Chapter 13- Falling For A Thug

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The sad part is you can treat me however you want to because in the end you know that i'll always be here for you. No matter what

"Family of Dezmond Legend?" I heard the doctor say, at first I didn't react, but then I saw the boys rush over there and I then remembered that Blaze's real name was Dezmond so I quickly rushed over there to them to see what was going on with him. I pray to God that he's okay.

"How is he? Is he gonna be okay?"

"Please tell me that he's okay-"

"Listen, listen," the doctor said getting all of our attention and we all got quiet. "I have good news, and I have bad news. Which one do you want first?" he asked.

"Man, I don't give a fuck which one you tell us first, just let us know something," Mike snapped at the doctor. He put his hands up in surrender and looked at his clipboard.

"Alright.. well. Good news is that we were able to remove the bullets safely, and he's going to be okay. Bad news is that he's in a coma, he lost entirely too much blood-"

"Wait, he's in a coma?! When is he going to wake up?" I asked fighting tears.

"I'm sorry but I don't know. It could be days, weeks or even months before he wakes up. I don't really have an exact answer to that, but since he's not from here, we're having him flown to the hospital in Atlanta, more near his home," he informed us.

"When are you going to switch him?" Mike asked him.

"Within the next hour or two, until then you can go see him, he's in room 22"."

"Will he wake up?" Jermaine asked.

"Yeah, of course he'll wake up. We just don't know when," the doctor gave us a small, sad smile before walking away.

"Fuck, a coma?" Mike said punching the wall.

"He'll be okay.. we just need to hope that he'll wake up soon," I spoke. To be honest I wanted to just break down in this hallway and cry, but I didn't because I would feel kinda selfish If I did. I've known Blaze for only about three to four months, while these guys have known him for like ten years. So I think it'd be best if I just make sure they're okay first.

I can cry later.

"Let's just go to his room," Chuck spoke, that was the first thing he's said since we got here. He had been crying, and everytime he would cry out loud, Mike would snap on him and tell him to shut up or get out the hospital.

It was a quiet walk as we made our way to room 220. When we got outside the door, nobody opened it. Mike sighed and shoved the door open, revealing Blaze laying in a bed, hooked up to a bunch of different machines. If I didn't know any better then I would say that he's just asleep.

His face was still beaten, he had a busted lip, a cut over his eyebrow but it looked like they put stitches on that.. and he had a bruise on his left cheek.

"Blaze, wake the fuck up," Jermaine said tapping his shoulder. "Yo ass over here sleep and we've been worried about you. Chuck fat ass haven't stopped crying yet. I almost started crying, Mike being extra mean and Monique look like she could just use a good ass nap, so Blaze quit being a bitch and wake up," he said tapping his shoulder again. He didn't bulge. 

"I don't think he can hear you," Mike mumbled.

"He in a coma, he not deaf dumbfuck-"

"Aye watch it... but I'm about to go back to the hotel and pack all our shit up so we can leave. Monique, want me to drop you off?" Mike asked, I nodded my head and followed him out.

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