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Her heart pounded loud and fast as she stood tall on the bridge. This is it. She thought. This is the end. She thought of everything that has happened that makes her cut herself. She thinks of the things that make her cry until she sleeps. She thinks of the things that are worth to take her off this planet. Nothing to live for. She thinks.

She starts to tear up. She knew that this is going to hurt. She knows the consequences. But she doesn't seem to know that people do care for her.

This time she is going to jump. She starts to get ready to jump off. She thinks of how tomorrow will be for everyone else. They'll probably not even notice that she is dead.

She closes her eyes and clenches her fists. This time there's no going back. She is just about to jump when she feels a tug in her wrist. The world starts to move around her. She lands on concrete - not the water that she hoped to drown in. Her shoulder hurts and her head throbs. What just happened?

"Emma, what the heck where you just doing?" She recognizes that face. Its a guy from her school. A jock in fact. What does he care about me? She thinks.

"What the heck are you doing Josh!"

"I just saved your life Emma! That's what I just did."

"Well, I wasn't meant to be saved!" She snaps back.

"You're welcome."

"Not thankful."

Emma never liked Josh much at all. She thought that he was a snobby child who faked his way around everyone. He probably just saved her because if he didn't do anything he'll be considered an accomplice to murder.

Emma suddenly feels a wave of regret towards Josh. Technically, he just saved her life. "What do you want Josh?"

"I want to know why you would- you know...take your life."

"Cause it sucks."

"I bet there are some good things to life like-"

"LIKE WHAT JOSH! I get bullied all the time, my parents don't care about me, I'm such a failure, I'm ugly. I'm just the definition of a failure."

"That's not true!"

"What do you know about me Josh!?"

"You sit next to me in AP English!"

She scoffs. "That's it?" She scoffs again. "Ha! Yeah no I'm just a great person just because I do an honors class. Do you see all the cameras around me catching that?"

Josh falls quite. His mind goes to wonder deeply about the poor girl. He could see the scratches on her wrists and thighs. She has a black eye for some reason. Her eyes are full of sorrow, her skin is pale and scratched. She says that she's fat but to Josh, she's perfect. He doesn't want her to die. In fact - he always had a thing for her. He was just never strong enough to tell her his feelings. "Give me nine days."

Emma is confused. Nine days for what? "For what?"

"To show you how beautiful life can be. Even though life can be full of hardships, but it will get better Emma. Trust me. If you decide to still take your own life-then you can" Josh gulps. "Take your own life..." He says almost in a whisper voice.

Emma sighs.

"Fine." She exhales. "Just nine days."

He takes her hand and smiles with relief. What would have happened if nobody saved her?
"Thank you." He said.

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