Louis Tomlinson Imagine (Jealous friend, confession)

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"Lou! Come on just watch one episode with me! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!" you begged and gave him the puppy dog eyes. "UGH! Fine! Ill watch just one episode!" He says and sits down on the couch next to you. You have Lou had been best friends for years. You and your best friend sat on the couch with popcorn as Teen Wolf started. He started to enjoy watching it until Stiles Stilinski came on. "OH MY GOD LOUIS HE IS SO FREAKING HOT!" you squealed. "Thats it!" Lou says and stands up. "What are you doing Lou sit down your gonna miss it." you say. "No (y/n) im not gonna sit here and watch you gush over a guy." he says walking to the door. "Wait, I dont understand what the big deal is." you say. He turns around. "The big deal is I am in love with you! I have been for years! And watching you go all crazy for another guy is stressful." he says. "Wait- what? You like me?" you ask dumb founded. He nods his head and bites his lip. You get up and walk across the room to face him. He looks into your eyes and leans in and kisses you. It was the best night ever!

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