The picture on the side is Loki and his wife Sigyn. She is gathering the poison that the drips from the snake. Once the bowl is full, she must go and empty it. While Sigyn empties the bowl, the poison that drips from the snake and lands on Loki causes him to writhe in pain. This, in turn, causes earthquakes.


Þórlákr: Thor - lah - kh 

Abjörn: Ah - b - yorn 

Fuðflogi means "man who flees the female sex organ"

Some of the words in this one shot are in Swedish, others are in Old Norse. The ones that are in Old Norse I researched, while the ones in Swedish are from Google Translate. Please tell me if they are wrong. Enjoy. 

The Trickster 

Rated R for mature sexual content 

Loki was bored. And it was never a good thing for the god of mischief to be bored.  

Sure, Loki got offerings daily from farmers and villagers who were scared that he would come and play a horrible prank on them. Yet, after a while, the offerings get boring and annoying, and Loki would want something new. 

So he would get it himself. 

Loki was wandering the lands, looking like his average self. Most people thought that he would take the form of a snake or an old woman, so when he traversed, he kept to his favorite, natural form.  

Shoulder length black hair, tan skin, and ebony eyes created the mischievous god. 

He finally came upon a tiny coastal village of Utterby in the Norrland kingdom. In Norrland, the people were spaced out and sparse. Utterby had a population of forty people usually. Several years ago, nine men built a ship and went eastward on the water in an attempt to bring back riches, whether it be legally or illegally, it did not matter.  

The day that Loki found Utterby was the day the men came home.  

All of the citizens were excited and moving around faster than normal in the cold, Scandinavian air. They wore thick woolen clothing that was dyed bright colors. They were celebrating. 

The festivities confused Loki, and he went up to who seemed to be the only man who was not celebrating and instead was working. 

He had long, thick brown hair and a goatee. His brown eyes were hard and his hands were calloused from years of work. He was working with some wood and seemed to be building a large trunk. 

Loki looked into the mortal's mind and found out what had happened. And then, the god had a brilliant idea of how to entertain himself. 

"God morgon!" Loki said brightly. The carpenter gave him a strange look. 

"Who are you, stranger?" the man said. "I've never seen you round here before, and no one new ever comes to Utterby." 

"You are a smart man," Loki said with a chuckle. "I am new. I came with the other men on the ship that arrived." 

The carpenter gave him a look but said nothing. 

"What can I do for you then?" he asked.  

"Can you tell me your name first?" Loki asked. 

"Grettisson," the carpenter replied. He returned to his work before adding, "Þórlákr Grettisson." 

"Well, Láki--can I call you Láki?--I need your help with something." 

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