Chapter 1

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"WATCH WHERE YOU'RE fucking going," Cyrus snapped, shoving me—gently—out of his way. My back hit the locker with a loud rattle of metal and I faked a wince. Students slowed and spared a glance to the scene before lowering their heads and continuing on their way to their lockers and classrooms.

He smirked knowingly as he walked away, and I hid my own grin by tilting my head town and scurrying off to my next class.

It'd been two months since the weekend we'd hung out. Even though there were a lot of failures that night, it was still one of the best nights of my life. We'd finished my graffiti on the side of the school building, which had been quickly washed off the next day by our flustered principal. Then they'd taken me to the lake to strip down your underwear and dive in, to which my well built body had shocked them—although, I couldn't complain much about theirs, either. And finally, we'd all ended up staying the night at Tyler's, since his parents were gone on a business trip for a week.

And that was only Friday.

I'd been wrong about my initial impressions of them. They were far from heartless assholes—assholes, maybe, but anything but heartless. It didn't take long for all of us to know just about everything there was to know about each other. The boys' had admitted that they'd really wanted to have a girl like them in their group, and we were all still surprised that said girl ended up being me.

"Psst, Skye!"

I was dragged out of my thoughts when I heard my name called from down the hallway. I turned my head to see Tyler around the corner, waving me over to one of the many stairwells. After making sure no one was watching, I jogged over to where he was standing, the sound of my shoes echoing through the mostly empty halls. Most of the students were already in class with only a few minutes to spare before the bell.

I smiled up at him, only an inch or two shorter. "What's up?"

Tyler grinned. He was practically bouncing from excitement, hands figiting at his sides. "I'm throwing a party this weekend."

My smile dropped, but I quickly forced it back up for Tyler's sake. "You know I can't go. If anybody saw me there, I'd either get beat up by drunk guys who saw no place for an outcast, or kicked out by somebody else."

Tyler's green eyes suddenly went dark. "If anyone lays a hand on you, me, Jay, and Cyrus will make them regret it."

I smiled softly and ruffled his hair. He shrunched up his nose in distaste at the action, still bitter at the thought of harm coming my way, but didn't bother leaning away from my touch. "I can take care of myself, Tyler."

He eased up a little, but there was still an underlining protectiveness ready to break through the surface. "You'd tell me if anyone hurt you, right?"

"Of course." It was the truth. If something ever happened to me, the boys would be the first to know, even if I had to handle the situation myself first. I knew they had my back, just like they knew I had theirs.

Tyler opened his mouth to say something else, but was cut off by the tardy bell. He cursed under his breath. "If you come, that's your choice," he said quickly, gathering his things into one hand from their place on the floor. "I won't be upset if you don't, but I will be upset if you don't come and stay with us after."

I grinned. "I'll be there after the party."

Tyler smiled, pulling me into a quick side-hug before jetting off down the hallway.

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