05;welcome to new york

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"Can you fly one of those jets?" Steve asked Barton.

"Yep," the archer replied.

"Well suit up, we leave in 10." Steve said and left the room.

"Hey Capsicle!" Stark called down the hallway.

"What." Steve groaned.

"I just got off the earpiece with your girlfriend and she's alive and I'm pretty sure she's headed to New York."

"When was this?" Steve asked.

"Like five minutes ago, she got cut off right before she was about to send me her coordinates." Tony said. "I'm sorry for calling her a tree by the way."

"Thanks, I guess." Steve said. "Why did you call her that? I mean there are worse things."

"You don't know," Stark muttered. "Ask Romanoff, she'll tell you."

Delia stood in the middle of a fire that she'd created. Civilians were running for cover but for some reason, she couldn't control what she was doing. Something was telling her to attack the man with the shield, but she didn't want to. Delia shot plasma at the man but he blocked it.

"Delia, listen to me." He said. "I don't want to hurt-"

The man never finished as she had knocked him off of his feet and on to the pavement.

"I found Delia, she's been compromised."

Delia was about to attack again but an arm wrapped around her waist and they flew into the air.

"I apologize, Lady Birch, but you are under Loki's influence." Thor said before throwing her onto the roof of a tower.

Delia didn't know where she was, although it looked strangely familiar. She was outside of a house, it was large and light purple with white trim and a picket fence surrounding the yard.

Who could live somewhere so perfect? Delia asked herself.

Then someone stepped out of the house. Two men were carrying a small blonde girl who couldn't have been older than seven. She was struggling to get out of their grip and crying her eyes out.

"Not my girl!" A woman stepped out onto the porch. "Please! Not my baby girl!"

It was her mother, that was the last time Delia saw her, the day the took her to the room.

"Madeline, it's too late." Her father comforted his wife.

"You did this, Aidan!" Her mother yelled. "You let them take her!"

"She'll be better there."

"How dare you send my daughter away from me, how dare you."

Delia couldn't watch anymore, she began to walk down the road. But everything changed, she was back in the red room, in ballet class to be exact. Delia loved that class, she loved dancing overall but ballet was her favorite. She remembered this day, it was the first day she met Natasha. Delia's hair was in a ponytail on top of her head and wore a training suit. A red haired girl walked up to her.

"That was cool , can you teach me how to do that?"

"I don't think I can teach you powers, sorry."

"That's okay, I'm Natalia." She held out her hand.

"I'm Freya."

The scene changed again, she knew it all too well as she saw it almost every night. She was running through the snowy field that surrounded the red room. The barking of dogs echoed over the hills and through the trees as alarms sounded signaling everyone of her escape. Suddenly, she ran into something and a sack went over her head.

"Don't bother screaming, I'm trying to help you." A mans voice said before she was knocked unconscious.

She spent nearly three years in Dr. Zola's secret complex, only escaping when the allied forces took over. After that, Freya went north, as far north as a fifteen year old could. Then she became frozen in the ice for sixty years. Her modified cells kept her alive until some British scientists found her.

Delia woke up to see an odd looking contraption before her and Dr Selvig typing something.

"Isn't it marvelous!" He exclaimed.

Delia just nodded and put in the ear piece. "Anyone there?"

"Just a minute." Steve replied. Delia heard the sound of metal on metal before hearing Steve's voice again. "Is that really you?"

"I swear on my life."

"Birch, if you double cross us, I swear..." Stark said.

"Where do you need help?"

"get the scepter from Loki, he's on one of those flying things." Romanoff said.

"Got it." Delia swan dove off the top of the tower and successfully hijacked one of the aliens vehicles.

She zipped around the city streets, avoiding Chitauri and shooting down those she could. Although she hadn't seen Loki anywhere. She ended up back down near Nat and Rogers. The sound of a motorcycle engine interrupted her fighting.

"So this all seems... horrible." Bruce said.

"Stark, we got him." said Cap.

"Banner, good." Stark replied. "Tell him I'm bringing the party to you." A large, turtle like creature flew towards them.

"I-I don't see how that's a party" Natasha stuttered.

"Now would be a good time to suit up."

"Want to know my secret agent Romanoff?" Banner asked. "I'm always angry."

He hulked out and stopped the creature and Steve began giving out orders.

"I want you on that building, stark set up a perimeter three blocks out." He said. "Romanoff, you and I stay on the ground. Birch, you do whatever it takes to stop those things and Hulk, smash."

Delia jumped into the air and landed on one of the creatures and began striking it with lightning. The aliens kept coming, it was like a never ending supply. Another Chitauri came up behind her and shot at her. Delia burst into flames and ran at them, causing them to scatter and some melted.

"Get to the bank on 42nd past Madison, they've got a bunch of Civilians cornered in there." Stark said.

Delia jumped off the creature and flew through the bank window to see three Chitauri with their guns aimed at forty or so civilians but all were aimed at her when they heard the crash. She had to lightning bolts ready but someone jumped in front of her, guarding both of them with their shield. 

"I had it under control." Delia said while shooting lightening at the aliens.

"Sure looked like it." Steve scoffed and broke one of their necks.

One pulled out a grenade looking thing and set it off but Delia fried it before it could go off.

"Get out!" She yelled at the citizens. "Go! Leave!"

The citizens ran out and Steve and Delia ran behind them.

"Let's just hope we can close that damn portal."


This chapter is exactly 1111 words long, I am very pleased with myself.


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