Chapter Six: His Mate

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Just like I promised, here is chapter six. I hope you all like it. I will just say this, before I wrote this chapter I had no idea the story would go in this direction. But I like it, it leaves me with more option and also narrowed down what I can do with the story so it won't be all over the place. However my original idea has not change. It's still a completely different rejected mate story. My plans for Primula still remains the same. Please tell me what you think expecially grammar wise.




[Jebidiah POV]

“Shouldn’t you be getting ready for tonight?” a booming but soothingly warm voice said from behind me. I jumped and turned towards him.

“Daddy!” I cried running to my father and hugging him tightly.

“Aren’t you too old to call me daddy?” my father laughed hugging me back.

“But I miss you. I can’t believe I was away for three months,” I reply still clinging to him. I was hoping he would be able to calm me even further. My anger left me feeling vulnerable like something was happening inside of me and I couldn’t control it.

He must have sensed something because he hugged me back just as tight. After a while he pulled me away and looked into my eyes. He must have seen something because he opened his mouth to speak, closed it and then frown. After a while his eyes darted away and he sighed, but then turned to me. With a playful smirk he said.

“You really are too old to call me daddy.”

“Yeah, yeah old mad,” I retorted pushing him away.

“I’m not that old,” he faked hurt.

“Oh please pop, you are ancient,” I smirk going back to their bed room.

“Now now, you two no bickering.” A warm and soft voice said.

“Hello mother,” I called from their room taking off my clothes. I wanted to take a shower first.

“How come you didn’t call me mommy or gave me a hug,” mom asked sounding hurt. I knew she was faking. I laugh and walk back to their room door shirtless.

“Sorry no can do, apparently I’m too old!” I replied with a smirk.

She pouted and smacked my father across his head. He held his head and whined asking her what he did wrong.

“It’s your entire fault I didn’t get my hug from my baby.” She chastised, smacking him again. I rolled my eyes at her calling me baby.

“Stop hitting me woman!” he boom making me laugh. I loved them. Speaking of love, my mind went back to Dean and Krista’s little sister. Why couldn’t we love her like we did everyone else? Why were we okay with the treatment we gave her? I decided to ask my parents.

“Mom, dad I want to ask about something that’s been bothering me,” I said. They must have heard the seriousness in my voice because they gave me their full attention. I really loved them!

“Sure ask away,” my father said right away.

“I was wondering about Dean’s little sister! Are you a little bothered about our treatment of her?” I told them watching them carefully. My dad stiffened while mom just looked puzzle like she could not comprehend the concept of my question.

“What do you mean honey?” she asked looking confuse. I turned my attention to my father. He was quiet and wore his perfect poker face. He was good at it and he taught me well. So it was easy for me to know that when he used it, he was hiding something. He rubbed his eyes looking tire. He sighed and then looked at me thoughtfully.

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