Chapter 1

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A.N. hiii I know this fanfiction will seem a lot like the show american horror story asylum at first because I did get most of my inspiration from there (especially at the beginning because I had trouble starting this fanfic) but please keep reading past the first few chapters because i worked really hard on this and I promise it only grows into its own story from here and is a lot different from ahs :)


It wasn't the best day I've had. It was drizzling out and the dreary weather made the institution even more creepy than it already was. My back hurt from leaning down to make numerous beds with who knows what making each sheet filthy and smelly. My feet were also aching due to walking around delivering cheap, bland meals to each room. The only noise in the halls were my feet padding along the cold cement floor. All of the other patients were probably eating lunch or doing a special activity in another room. As soon as I dropped off food in the last room, a co-worker of mine named Kelsey came up to me. She was a few years older than I was and knew this place like the back of her hand. As for me, it was only my third month here at Wickendale Mental Hospital For the Criminally Insane. I worked mostly as a nurses aid but with the tight security and careful watch over the place, there weren't many injuries so I worked wherever else they needed me otherwise. I was like everyone's go-to girl if they were busy and needed help with something.

"Hey, what are you doing in here?" Kelsey asked.

"Umm . . . my job?"

"Everyone else is outside, you should be too!"

"Why? What's going on?" I wondered.

"Haven't you heard? The new guy's coming in," she said excitedly.

"So?" I didn't see the big deal. We had new patients arriving here all the time. What was so different about today?

"Well have you heard on the news how there was that guy who skinned three women?" Her tone was much to excited for the topic.

"Yeah wh- oh no, don't tell me . . ."

"Yeah, he's coming here. And we're gonna miss it if you don't hurry up!" Kelsey grabbed my hand and dragged me towards the main entrance. I was surprised and a little nervous. I didn't know why. I mean what kind of people would you expect to find in an institution for the criminally insane? Either way, though, I couldn't help from biting my nails; a nervous habit I've had since I was a kid.

We stepped out into the light rain and waited for a minute. I looked around to see Kelsey was right; almost all of the staff were here to get in on the excitement. There were police officers inside, of course, to keep things under control, but other than that everyone was crowded around to see the infamous criminal. There were also people along the streets protesting against the man getting life at this prison/mental hospital, whatever you wanted to call it. Most wanted him dead.

I was just about to walk back inside rather than wait in the poor weather when a dark police van pulled up right to the front of the building. Two security guards hopped out first and opened the back door. Now the anticipation was getting to me. What did he look like? How old would he be? Would be attractive or repulsive?

I found out soon enough. The guards reached in the van and each gripped one of the man's arms. As he was dragged out of the vehicle he looked down at the ground so I couldn't see his face. His hands and feet were restrained with handcuffs which rattled as he walked. He was already wearing one of the hideous blue/grey jumpsuits that was mandatory for the patients here. Even in the unflattering outfit, I could tell he was tall and lean. Before he ascended the stone steps leading up to the building, the male looked up at me and I could see him in full detail. To say he was attractive would be an understatement.

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