Chapter 5ive ~ Go Get Lauren

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*Scarlet's POV*

"Have you guys heard from Lauren?" Wynter asked. I shook my head 'no' and looked at Aqua.

"No, why?" she said

"I have to go!" Wynter exclaimed and began pulling the needles out of her arms. Everyone jumped forward to hold her down and stop her. "Stop!" I shouted at her, but she wasn't paying attention. She kept squirming and trying to get up which was probably putting her in more pain. "Wynter, what's wrong?!"

"LAUREN IS GOING TO GO HOME! THAT'S WHAT'S WRONG! AND YOU'RE HOLDING ME DOWN!" she looked frusturated and like she was about to go crazy. All of the boys looked confused and I quickly locked gazes with Aqua Neither of us had thought about Lauren because we were too busy worrying about Wynter and I felt a stab of guilt but I pushed it aside.

"Wynter, calm down. We'll get her, okay? But try to take one more needle out of your arm and l'll have the nurse make you sleep!" She instantly stopped moving and l grabbed Aqua's wrist to lead her out of the hospital.

"Where are you going?" l heard a deep voice ask. Harry.

"To Wynter's house," l replied. "We'll be back."

"l'll come with you, if you want," he offered.

lt was Wynter's choice, so I looked at her to give permission. She looked conflicted and then said, "You stay in the car Harry. Got it?" He nodded and followed Aqua and I out to the car. When we got out of the hospital I heard someone yell, "OH MY GOD! IT'S HARRY STYLES!" I didn't even need someone to tell me to start running, l had already taken off in the direction of the car. l looked over my shoulder and saw around twenty girls running after us.

To be honest I was kind of scared because after all the things that have been going on I completely forgot that Harry was famous.

l jumped behind the wheel, Harry sat in the passenger seat and Aqua sat in the back. I quickly got us on the highway and away from the fans then pressed my foot on the gas pedal, making us pass almost every car. I glanced over at Harry and he looked like a ghost because he was so pale. "Scarlet, please slow down!" he gasped. If there was a cop then we were doomed, so I obeyed but we were still going slightly faster then other cars. "Why are you in such a hurry? And who is Lauren? And why was Wynter flipping out about her going home?" he asked.

I glanced at Aqua in the rearview mirror and she gave a slight shake of her head. I pursed my lips. I didn't want to lie to Harry and make up an excuse, but I had to. I tried to think of an excuse, but I couldn't think of one that would be valid so the car was filled with an awkward silence. l decided on avoiding the hardest question, hopping to get away with it. "Lauren is Wynter's twelve year old sister and we're in a hurry because we have to go get her."I bit my lip as I waited and let out a breath when he didn't push asking what the problem was. But when l looked at him l realized that he hadn't forgotten about it, just decided not to ask.


The rest of the drive was tense and awkward. When we finally pulled up to there house l said, "Stay here, Harry," before jumping out of the car. Aqua and I ran up to the front door and I quietly pressed my ear to the door. l heard yelling and l said, "Get the key!" but Aqua already had it in her hand. She shoved it in the lock and burst through the door.

Straight ahead at the end of the hall, Lauren was crouched in the corner and she had tears running down her face and her left cheek was swollen and bruising. A figure was looming over her and I recognized it as her dad. He had hit her and he raised his hand to do it again. "Get away from her!" I growled. He spun around and when he saw me he looked at me with pure hatred.

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