Chapter Sixteen: Just Breathe

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      I woke to the feel of a warm wet feeling on my hip and for a moment I thought it was my dream but there was no way possible George Clooney would be rescuing me from the evil bunnies trying to tear their way through my flesh to get to my liver causing blood to pool and seep through my top. Instead I jolted awake realizing the sensation was from Kitty's freaking cat taking a piss on me for the third time within the night. 

      If it wasn't for the fact I had taken my allergy medication and I was practically drugged up the wazzoo I would have killed that thing. No that wasn't completely true. If it wasn't for the fact that after it relieved itself it went to go snuggle with my sister as she slept peacefully in her bed then I would have strangled it. She loved it apparently despite its constant need to pee on my things and I couldn't destroy the thing she loved. 

      For a fraction of a second my brain asked if I wasn't doing the same with Collins and I pushed that thought away hating the fluttering it caused in the pit of my stomach. 

      I had to force myself to stop thinking about him long enough to work after serving the detention he'd given me which wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. To be honest it A little. 

      Yeah, it was detention and every time the librarian would hear us talking she'd shush us but we actually got the books back in the right places and Wade and I actually had fun joking around with each other. Until he started talking about Collins and I changed the subject quickly so I wouldn't have to think about my reckless need to be loved or wanted. 

      It was just that. Reckless and unneeded. 

      After pulling my sheets and blanket from the bed I decided it was best not to attempt to change them or go back to sleep with the piddle machine on patrol. I'd gotten him a ramp so he would be able to visit Kitty whenever he liked but the hanging blankets on my bed was proving to be a problem for me but fun for him to climb and sleep on my face or pee on my leg. 

      "Damned cat," I mumbled when it looked at me as I walked past them to change my clothes then grab my backpack. Since I didn't want to sleep and risk his tiny bladder I studied for the test Collins was giving later today. I had been doing well in all my classes since his threat to hold me back-a grade-hold me back a grade and I could tell it pleased him. It made life a little easier on myself too since I wouldn't have to cheat off Kitty at the end of the year to keep afloat. But I wouldn't admit that to him. 

      I fell asleep reading and when I woke to my alarm, Kitty was still snuggled in bed but George was lying on my back. When I tried to remove him he clawed at my arms causing me to fall out of bed roughly and my sister to wake with a start then laugh at my clumsiness. 

      "He can't keep doing that," I groaned as I stood and touched the fresh scars on my arms that covered the pink ones from yesterday. 

      "Sorry," she mumbled petting his head as she got out of bed. "I'll try to make him stop." 

I nodded and began the day. 

      After I watched her take her medication and eat breakfast she asked if I could help her curl her hair and I complied though knew she was only trying to doll herself up for Wade. 

      I'd almost had her finished when our mother barged in to use the bathroom. My sister stared at me and I shook my head earning a cold look from my mother.

      "Is there a problem?" She stared at us both and when Kitty didn't answer I shook my head. 

      "No, no problem mother." 

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