02; radiation

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Delia smiled as Steve left the room. She looked at the space, it wasn't too small but it was so empty. She added some flowers and plants to make it more comfortable and put her things away. She still had some time to kill so she just relaxed, until she got a sudden feeling to vomit. Delia had sensed the radiation as soon as they'd landed but didn't think much of it. But it was like someone had just shot her and she couldn't stand it. She just laid on her bed until it was time for the meeting. The closer she got to the lab, the sicker she felt. At one point everything went black but she was still conscious. There was some serious shit going down here. As she walked in she saw Romanoff, Fury and Rogers but also another man, looking over the bridge.

"Now that we're all here we have a mission, Loki isn't exactly in hiding." Fury said.

"Stuttgart, Germany, Romanoff, you're flying." Agent Hill said. "Now suit up."

Delia walked back to her room and opened the closet to see a navy blue shirt with a silver star in the center and red and white stripes with navy blue armored pants. It looked way too big for her small frame so she didn't understand why this was in her room. She heard a knock at her door and opened it to see Steve standing there with a different suit.

"I think this is yours." Steve held out an army green armored shirt with a birch leaf on the right shoulder with a pair of matching pants.

"I believe I have yours." Delia smiled and went to go get the uniform.

"Thanks, I'll see you on the jet."

Delia quickly put on the uniform and pulled her  hair up into a pony tail. She ran down to the bridge and walked over to the quinnjet Nat was flying.

"I never thought I'd be going back to Germany." Steve said.

"Hopefully this time will be easier."

"Okay, ear pieces on? I'm dropping you here." Romanoff said.

Delia looked out of the the window to see a crowd of people kneeling before a man in an odd cloak type thing with a hat that looked like reindeer antlers. An old man stood up to face the man.

"Loki's going to kill him!" Delia gasped.

"Not if I have anything to say about it." Cap jumped out of the plane and landed right in front of the man, blocking him with the shield.

Delia jumped from the boot of the plane and landed right behind Loki. The vine from the plant behind her wove around his neck but he snapped it and turned around to face her. Quickly, Delia kneed him in the gut and kicked the back of his knees causing him to fall over but he got up like nothing was wrong.

"Loki, stand down." Romanoff said, machine gun aimed.

All of a sudden, rock music began playing over her earpiece.

"Hey Romanoff, you miss me?" Tony Stark said.

Iron man landed in between her and Captain. Stark shot him with beams and he fell to the ground.

"Make your move, reindeer games." The metal man said and Loki dropped his weapon.

Tony flew Loki up to the jet while Delia grabbed the scepter and Captains hand and the flew up to the jet. Loki was bound to a seat and Delia sat on the floor as far away from him as possible.

"What the hell?" Romanoff cursed as thunder began crack and lightening struck. "Birch! Stop this!"

Delia tried to keep the lightening off of the jet but it wasn't working. There was a thump on the roof and then a man got into the jet, grabbed Loki by the neck and left.

"Is that guy a friendly? Steve asked.

"It doesn't matter." Stark said. "If he frees Loki or kills him the the tesseract's lost."

Stark looked as if he was about to jump out of the plane.

"We need a plan of attack!" Cap yelled.

"I have a plan, attack." Tony and Steve jumped from the plane to follow Loki.

"Birch, you going to help?"

"Be back soon." Delia dove off the plane towards a spot in the forest where the trees were knocked down.

She landed just as the mans hammer hit Steve's shield and a bright light exploded from the contact. She ran back over and attempted to strike the man lightning but it didn't work.

"Birch! Get Loki, he's on the mountain!" Steve yelled.

She groaned and flew up towards a peak where Loki was watching the fight. "You want some popcorn or what?"

Delia grabbed Loki and flew him back to the jet where Steve and Stark were sitting with the other man.

"Took you long enough." Tony scoffed.

"Shut up you glorified robot."

"Okay, tree."

At that, Delia lost it, she got up and headed towards Stark, a ball of fire ready.

"Delia! Delia stop!" Steve grabbed her around we waist and pulled her away from Stark.

"Yeah listen to your-" Stark started but Captain cut him off.

"You be quiet." He warned. "Delia, calm down."

"I'm fine, I'm fine." Delia held her head in her hands until they landed.

She watched as Loki went willingly with the guards, almost too willingly. She walked up to the bridge with the others, avoiding stark as much as possible.

"I'm going to bed, goodnight." Delia said and began walk back to her room, exhausted.

"I'll go with you." Steve ran over to her.

"Steve, I know where my room is."

"Yeah, but you look exhausted." He said.

"I'll be fine, I'm just tired."

"I'm going with you anyways." He replied in a sing-song voice.

"Fine, you'll just have to leave now because we're already here." Delia laughed.

"Well see you tomorrow, Delia Birch."

"Goodnight Steve Rogers."

so have y'all heard the song Nightlife by axel Flovent because it is life.

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