Chapter Thirty-Eight» A Bundle Of Light

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It started with a small scream.

Screeching across the large mansion; haunting it's way through each corner. Bringing forth all the attention as I found my gaze snapping open. Cold shivers running down my spine.

Everything within me stilled in that moment; feeling the world around me disappear in to Oblivion as I jumped on to my feet. Bolting out of the kitchen, hearing the chair falling in to the floor as I ran towards the source of the scream.

Reaching towards my pocket, I realised I didn't have any weapon with me, making me eternally groan, for allowing my emotions to control my actions. Another haunting screech echoed past the eerie quiet staircase making me tense.

The only sound of life around me was the grandfather clock, striking three in the morning as I rushed up the stairs. Following the bearer to the call.

" Omar.. The baby" Screeched a familiar voice making me stiffen. All sense deluding out of my mind. It was as though someone had slapped me across the face, knocking all sense out of me as I stated flabbergasted, unable to do anything. Unable to think straight.

Another chorus of screams echoed across the lonely house; giving me the perfect opportunity to run, after the voice. Not understanding what was happening.

Pushing the large maroon door open, I found Sarah laying on the bed. Her usual amused face now twisting in to pain as she clutched on to her swollen stomach. Her long blonde hair cascading down her back.

" Call the ambulance.. Get it out of me" She cried out painfully, tears streaming down her face making me nod. Feeling nervousness settle in.

Pulling my phone out, my first instinct was to call the men, for the cars, till it dawned on me. They weren't doctors, we needed professionals help. Calling the ambulance, alerting them of the situation. The woman from the other end gave clear instructions to arrive at the hospital. Sarah contractions had already started.

Despite the fact that I knew Sarah pain was unimaginable, I couldn't help but groan inwardly. Hearing her scream loudly, raving on about how this pregnancy ruined her body.

" I'm never having children again" She yelled making me sigh and reach forward; holding the woman in my arms.

" Omar you did this!! I don't know why I even - oh God get it out of me" She yelled slapping my shoulders making me clench my jaw. Wanting the woman to breath a little.

It took great strength walking down the stairs with a heavily pregnant woman, who did no help in easing the situation and instead slapped my arms. As if any minute right now, she'll pull a guń out and blow my brains out, which I was seriously considering right now, after hearing her scream in my ears.

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