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Sabrina or Jenna... I don't know who to choose. Let's ask dad and my friends to snoop on them to see if they like me back. So, I decided to text Rowan, because she's Sabrina's best friend, and real cool. But not dateable cool.
A: sup row.
R: hey drew, how u been?
A: pretty good. Just have a problem. 2 girls 1 Andy....
R: ouch... Between who?
A: a girl at school and Sabrina.
R: well then... Oh yeah, she got together with Bradley, sorry bud.
A: it's fine row, perfect even.
R: cool
Stopped texting her and went to Sabrina.
A: hey Sab
S: sup, how u been since the party?
A: good, I think I got a girlfriend, or 2.
S: two girlfriends? Not nice. Who's your other girlfriend, I can break up with her for u if u want.
A: hi girlfriend 2.
S: oh Hun... I have Bradley.
A: I know, texted row.
S: so best friend... Who's the lucky lady?
A: this girl from school after I got beat up. Her name is Jenna. She's perfect.
S: Jenna? I might know her. She goes to our school too.
A: our school? Didn't know u went to Talahasse high.
S: yeah I do lol
I got a text from bae
J: need to ask you something
A: what, love?
J: I like u, u like me?
A: yes!
J: great, so we're bf and gf?
A: only if u want to be.
J: perfect.
"Dad, I need u!" I yelled.
He ran up, "what up kid?"
"I'm a hit with the ladies, and now I have a girlfriend, what do I do?"
"You enjoy it. I'm proud of you, son."
So.... Now what? My phone dinged again.
S: Beat up? Who is this guy? I'll kill him myself.
A: Hun, don't get too cocky. And he's Mr. Pretty boy.
S: I broke up with him a while ago, I guess he needs another lesson... Btw you can call me anything u want.
A: so... Will can beat him up, you can beat him up, and bae can beat him up? Btw were official!!!
S: yoooo!!! And yes, we all can. Want me to sit with you guys at lunch?
A: totally fine.
Then I got a message from kel
K: hey kid.
A: Kelly!!!
K: screw u too... Anyways, wanna hangout with me, matty and the boys?
A: I'd love to homie.
K: we're on our way.
I played in the music room till they got there.
We had a great night just us guys.

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