Five night's at Freddy's >> Tony x Scared! Reader

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Ah. My first post! Well, enjoy this old poop.

Warning: Fluff.

-~ To the story!~-

"Are you sure that it's not scary?" You asked looking at the title screen, which was creeping you out because Freddy's head twitched and went from a brown bear to a creepy exoskeleton.

"Princess you'll be fine, it's not scary." Tony chuckled and hit new night.

You looked at the screen as a HELP WANTED! was circled in a news paper. "Help wanted, Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, Family Pizzeria looking for security guard to work the night shift. 12 AM to 6 AM. Wait Tony I swear if this is a horror game that eats my soul I'll shoot you."

"Keep reading the title screen." He groaned. You saw it fade away and frown.

"I didn't get to read it!" You yelled slammed your fist into the table.

"Calm down mini-Hulk." Tony

You where at 5 am when your power went out and everything when dark, making you scream and start shaking in terror. Music started playing and you moved your mouse to see a glowing eyes and teeth making you cry out.

About 20 seconds later a bell started dinging and a 5 am was across the screen shifted to a 6 and children started cheering. You cried from surviving the night, while you where sobbing in your hands you didn't notice that the second night started.

You looked at the screen as you saw the office. "Wai- Wha???" You said while Tony was laughing at your stupidity. "Shut up Stark! I'll make you a lamp again!" You yelled.

At 4 am Foxy ran down the hall while you where freaking out and tried shutting the door but then Foxy popped in the room and screamed really loud when you kicked and flailed morphing into a fox and tried climbing out the chair.

Tony was on the ground laughing as teared gathered in his eyes, you growled in anger and jumped onto him and morphed back into your normal state as your fox tail flicked and your normal (E/C) was a neon green.

"I hate you Stark!" You hissed punching him in the stomach really hard

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"I hate you Stark!" You hissed punching him in the stomach really hard.

"I-I'm sorry! I-I love you!" He chocked out between laughs, you huffed as you angrily wiped the tears from you're eyes.

"Hey- I'm sorry." Tony said as grabbing your face, you sniffled and smiled at him. Tony pulled you closer and kissing you, taking in your vanilla smell and soothing your nerves. "I'm using you as a lamp." You said after pulling away.

"Dammit (Y/n)"

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