Chapter 1

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WARNING - Theres probably hella mistakes so read at your own risk. I was fucking up the difference between 'you're' and 'your' idk know wtf I was thinking but yeah 💀 Also Kenya will piss you off in this so have patience 😂

| K E N Y A |

My mom named me Kenya cause she said it was "Unique" for me. I'm 18 years old, stand at 5'6', and have brown skin that I inherited from both my mom and dad. I wish both my parents were here today but their gone. In heaven watching over me.

I finished up my chicken salad then threw the rest away. It's 6:00 and coming home from work I decided to have lunch by myself. Sometimes I prefer to just go for a walk too. Since I have no friends I just stay low key with things.

I headed to my simple black car. As my mom would say, I'm not rich but I'm not broke. It takes time to save up for things so why spend my money I worked so hard for on a 100 thousand dollar car? That's what I don't get about people. Guys do that all the time.

I got inside my small BUT clean apartment. It's only me so it's only right to get an apartment that only has 2 bedrooms. I dropped my purse and slipped off these shoes that has been killing my feet alllll day. My hair also needed to be done. I really have to take a nice hot shower and go to bed. I'm off tomorrow and I wanna enjoy it.

I laughed to myself thinking of my thought.


|Next day|

"You're so ugly" the little light skin girl yelled at Kenya

"You're ugly"

"No I'm not. You'll never get a boyfriend"

"I don't care" Kenya said but knowing she was a little hurt inside

"Look at you. You're so skinny. Super boney." The little girl cringed

"So" Kenya shrugged and turned away from the girl but still hearing her squeaky annoying voice

"Not to mention ugly"

"Shut up" Kenya mumbled

"What was that?" The girl got in her face "Speak up ugly"

"Leave me alone"

"No. That's why boys don't like you now!"

"I don't care" Kenya once again pretended not to care

"You're ugly because you're brown and super boney"

I woke up in my bedroom surrounded by the bright June sun. My for head was wet with sweat. That dream....I hate it. Kids always talked about me. That was when I was only in 2nd grade. Kids can be so cruel.

I got out of bed and went into the bathroom. After brushing my teeth and washing my face I took a shower.

I looked in the mirror at my body. You're skinny. Those words I think hurt me the worst. I did always have a mom who told me I was beautiful. I had no choice but to believe that. My body was a different story when I was younger. I knew I was skinny and there's no denying that.

But now...... now my body was enough for me. I don't praise it too much though because I never forget where I came from. But I have gained some healthy weight.

My butt wasn't too big but I had enough, and I had a toned flat stomach. My boobs weren't all that big but they weren't small. Their in the middle. My hair is tightly coiled which I have out curly. It's always hard to maintain my back length thick hair but I always find a way.

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