Chapter 9

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Stealing Hearts 6/16/13

Chapter 9

Allison’s POV

Some times you just can’t get away. You have to be caught every once in a while, right? Life doesn’t always go your way, specially when you think you can walk out of  a hotel where the famous and biggest boyband of the world is staying at without getting mobbed. Yeah, I got mobbed. Like complete full on I cant see my own hands mobbed. Girls from every damn direction surrounding me. And my chances to go back to the hotel are completely gone.

“You’re the girl with Niall!”

“He’s mine you bitch!”

“Can I have your autograph please!”

“Who even are you?”

“AH! She looked at me!”

“She’s so pretty!”

“Such an ugly cunt.”

Even as different shouts exclaimed towards me one stood out the most. ‘Who even are you?’ Every had those moments when you felt like you were about to be called on in class when you didn’t know a real simple answer? The pounding of your heart beat getting higher and harder? That’s me right now. Thoughts race through my head asking myself if I should tell them who I am.

“Hey y’all!” My voice was surprisingly strong considering I was silently freaking out. All the girls turn their makeup faced heads towards me with wide eyes not expecting me to say anything to them.

“I’m not dating Niall Horan. I just happened to bump into him at the park skateboarding and my wheel broke. He offered to buy me a new one but then we got chased. He wouldn’t dare let me get trampled so he took me with him. Then inside he gave me some money and gave an apology for everything. Then I left. End of story.” Most girls had their mouths wide open, others had fluster faces. I lied so much now, that it honestly sounded like the truth.

“So what’s your name?” A little girl in the front asked. She had on a pink tutu and a white shirt. She had a little sign that said ‘See Me Niall’, she reminded me of Ashley when we were younger.

“They call me Gray.” All their confused faces looked towards me wondering why I didn’t say my actual name. There confusion quickly turned to excitement as Niall came bounding through the back door screaming ‘GRAY’. They all ran forward, and I think everything happened in slow motion. As the girls ran forward, they engulfed me letting me blend with all of them. Niall’s face turned to shock as he watched me disappear in a blink of an eye. He was pulled back inside my Paul leaving the girls to whine and whimper from almost meeting Niall. I was off by the time the door shut closed. I

I couldn’t wait to get the money in for Ashes treatment. I skipped Ryan’s and headed for the Black Market blending into my surrounds. Course there were still police around the area but I ignored them. Cobblestone greeted me again, going into my familiar sellers market. As soon as people saw me, the word quickly spread amongst everyone there. I go to my usual tent, and start taking everything out of my bag. Gasp can be heard as they realize I was the person the police were looking for that took everything from best buy. As people started realizing this, grins grew on everyone’s faces. I stand up on the table ready to make the most money possible.

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