How To Get Cursed Out On Father's Day

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Say Something like: Father's Day is for Men, not Women. While a woman can try her hardest to be both parents to her child she will never succeed. A woman cannot be a father, point blank.

You get something like

(making up fake names)

Erica: I'm a single mom and I do a damned good job of taking care of my children by myself and I feel like I deserve to be wished a Happy Father's Day!

Jasmine: I don't see anything wrong with it! In fact I think it's great to be called that!

            OP: But a mother can't provide for a son like a father can, it's impossible!

Corra May: You aint got no right to tell me what I shouldn't be wished. I'll be damned if I can't be wished a happy father's day after my babies good for nothing daddy left us.

            Susie: It's not anybody's fault but yours that you spread your legs and got pregnant. The OP is correct when she says that a man can't take a woman's place. All this bullshit about your good for nothing baby daddy and what he aint do doesn't annihilate the fact that A WOMAN DOES NOT HAVE A PENIS.

            Erica: I think you're missing the point here and there's no need to use foul language. She's simply saying that she's worked hard enough to earn the title, she's been both parents.

            Corra May: @Susie It's bitches like you don't know how to keep things civilized. You probably a section 8 bitch anyway. What you hidin fo?

            Susie: Oh I'm married thank you very much and my children have an AMAZING FATHER btw and if they didn't have him then they would still have an amazing mother. I also have a good job, own my own home, my own car and I do not *smiles* live in section 8. But I bet you do ^__^

           Jessmine: @Susie Saddity ass probably a white woman masquerading as black. What you know about struggles huh? I love it when my daughters wish my a happy father's day because I'm the only man they've known, but you sitting on your high horse trying to talk down on me.

          Susie: @Jessmine Ok let me get this straight....because I'm married and own my own home, have a car and do not live in section 8 means I'm white? No no honey, I'm black, fully black, my husbands black, my children are black and we are always going to be black.

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I was scrolling through a Madaman Noire Thread about the controversial topic and I decided to create my own.

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